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SvennoJ said:
Gaming is a drug itself. I've been using GT Sport for pain relief the past week. It doesn't relief any pain of course, yet the highly focused online matches do take my mind of the pain a little bit. It's not enough though, I would not wish a bulging disc on anyone and I'm running out of ways to deal with the pain without risking liver damage. The human body can be so counterproductive when it comes to healing. Tensing up from pain is no use.

However a small dose of THC (~5mg) actually made me focus better on racing, not very effective for sciatica pain, but can help to sleep.
CBD oil 33mg makes me feel more mellow, not very effective for sciatica pain
Over the counter Acetaminophen 500mg x2, takes the edge off for 90 minutes, can only use every 4 hours, max 8 per day.
Over the counter Naproxen Sodium (Aleeve), should work for 12 hours, max 2 per day. takes the edge off for 4 hours.
Prescription Toradol, should work for 12 hours, max 2 per day, no more than two days use usually, takes the edge off for 4 to 5 hours, takes an hour to work.

Can't mix and match of course, yet I'm alternating as it gets hard to breath when the pain rises to the max. Fuck modern medical science. I haven't slept much for almost a week now. I'm seeing a specialist ofcourse, yet he doesn't believe in pain killers so no help there. Meanwhile the house is a mess, I can hardly walk, painful to sit for more than a few minutes at a time. It's been building up for a month now.

Lol sorry going on quite the tangent here, need to vent somewhere when doctors just tell you to hang in there and see you next time.Despite all that, my racecraft was stellar! Standing up, wobbling back and forth. Pain sharpens the mind, like a twisting knife.

By "Toradol" do you mean "Tramadol"? Also, I've always been very sensitive to THC and while I still partake from time to time, it's usually in very small amounts, as it gives me a bit of anxiety. Hope you find something that actually works for your back pain.