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BasilZero said:

I dont consume alcohol or anything that has caffeine.

The only liquids I drink are either Water or Milk.

I dont drink coffee, tea, juices, sodas, alcohol, etc.

There's plenty of other pleasurable things to engage with to ease one's mind off of stuff than consuming drugs or consuming unhealthy substances.

I can see why you might think this way, given your lack of experience with mind or mood altering substances.

But for the sake of providing information, I would like to share some knowledge.

There is nothing that compares to the feeling of bliss obtained by consuming a hard drug such as an opiate. As human beings, we seek out things that give us pleasure. Every single thing you do is for your own pleasure. Even donating to charity can be viewed as something done to make us happier or less guilty (and don't read this the wrong way; I'm not saying that donating is selfish).

I'm certainly not condoning it, but even for someone who remains abstinent with the use of drugs, it should be known to you that drugs offer an unparalleled level of joy and happiness.