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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Does anybody hate used games as much as me?


Do you hate used games?

Yes 11 17.19%
No 53 82.81%

I've bought plenty of used games, mostly titles from previous generations. I'm not really concerned with germs, but then again, I work retail. Who knows what nasty bugs I've been exposed to over the years from equally nasty customers.

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The only time I buy used is for original copies of classic games or more recent games that are no longer regularly available in new condition at standard MSRP via most retailers. I hate buying used at Gamestop period, one because of all the stickers they put on the box covers, and two because I know 100% of my money is going straight to their coffers instead of to the developers.

I like to frequent the smaller independent classic game stores for used games like Digital Press here in NJ. They usually have a great selection and prices aren't bad at all compared to average eBay / online prices, provided of course you're not looking for a rare or highly in-demand game of course.

On 2/24/13, MB1025 said:
You know I was always wondering why no one ever used the dollar sign for $ony, but then I realized they have no money so it would be pointless.

Just imagine the shit that the game goes through at manufacturing, shipping and storing the games. They would have germs from half way accross the world. You should go all digital bro

i see no problem. very one ive got has been in really good condition.

Solution, buy brand new DVD cases. They're generally cheap if you buy them in bulks. Saves you some shipping costs as well.

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So you cringe at saving 50% of the price of an item because MAYBE there are germs on it? Every single thing in the world has a germ on it. Except the inside bottom of a germicide container. Your phone is a cesspool that you put on your face 20 times a day. Unless you wash your hands with bleach while you are still sitting on the toilet, the handle to flush it is just teeming with germs. TEEEMING. The fork you used to eat dinner with, unless dipped in germicide right before eating, is full of bacteria. As soon as you put it in your mouth it is full of germs and shit that you can't see. Newsflash: GERMS are in the air every econd of every breath you take...

I don't hate them. I just don't buy them and make sure to bring them up in every single thread about piracy.

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It's not very eco-friendly to think everything used shouldn't be buyed. Like many of us here, I buy used games which are usualy cheap but still great games. I bought my PS3 in 2014 (to play GTA V) and most of my library was composed of used games. And I don't care how much it's used, God Of Waar III for 9€ was the best price I could get for such a masterpiece.

And yeah, old games aren't sold sealed anymore so you don't really have a choice.

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Ah I initially thought this was going to be a rant against gamers stealing devs games profit. Clearly not.

OT - i have to say your phobia is very strange and Sheldon-like. No it is not a problem for me. I gave never thought abojt such things but i doubt it would be the case. Most gamers would i suspect take good care of their disks for retrade value. And doing the nasty would likely be in front of pcs and porn, not games.

I don't think that ever enters my mind. Now used clothes is another thing. I can't do it.

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