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Forums - Sony Discussion - OPINION: Coming next generation, Sony will be ready to fire on all cylinders!

LiquorandGunFun said:
OdinHades said:

I just hole they will bring more stuff for PSVR. They spoiled me with VR. I don't want to play flat games anymore on my PlayStation. =

If I were you I would be a bit concerned, PSVR is getting the Vita treatment lately.


Im soured on anything but a playstation from sony. support is terrible over and over.

Are you sure you are not sleeping on PSVR Announcments in the past one year Sony has made tons of games announcements, just from top of my head. Tetris Effect, trevor saves the galaxy, moss, bravo team, blood & truth, inpatient, dreams

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BraLoD said:
Naughty Dog may actually move on if TLoU is a two games franchise.
I still believe Death Stranding will be a PS5 game so no need for sequel, lol.
Bloodborne will not get a sequel, either Sekiro will or it'll be yet another new IP.

There are Rumors and job listing that ND are also assisting a newly formed team for an announced third person action adventure game.

Death stranding will probably cross gen. about sequel who know what kojima has in mind.

Bloodborne 2 will happen, my guess is Sony will use it as a killer app for PS5 at launch, as bloodborne on ps4 did turnout to be a system seller. Not to mention From software did mention they have three titles in development, One is Completely different new Ip (Sekrio), Second is a reboot (armored Core) third is action RPG similar setting to dark souls this could be BB2. and i wont be suprised if deracine VR will lead into bloodborne 2

on the other hand you could be right too, but it will be so strange considering after the how poorly sony handled demon souls, they would let bloodborne die too.

Horizon2 Will be leading Next gen , maibe with bb2 ánd a shit ton of ports from ps4 games and cross gen titles


AlfredoTurkey said:
Sony already fired on all cylinders this generation. If they manage to win next gen, it will only be the second time in history the preceding winner is also the succeeding winner. I don't like those odds but, who knows.

NES WIN. > Snes win.

PS. WIN. > PS2. WIN.

Actualy, if we take a look at past generations since NES, the winner of the gen. got very strong chances on the succeding gen. I mean, N64, PS3 and wii U are not the "standard" cause they are problematic consoles whit huge disadvantage over competition ( price, underpower, 3° party support, no games, just to name a few...).

Sincerily, i realey think next gen will be more like Nes/Snes and ps/ps2, unless sony makes a huge mistake ( like the mistakes on N64, ps3 and wiiU.)

Prediction: In 5 years Nintendo will Lauch a "Core Mario game"  very similar to Astro Bot. That said, many will Ignore Astro Bot existence and say Nintendo created this concept.

some of those are very wishful thinking. But I can see others happening, IE: you know damn well Horizon 2 and GOW 2 is happening

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Persona isn't 2nd party

Next gen is going to be awesome




quickrick said:
AlfredoTurkey said:
Sony already fired on all cylinders this generation. If they manage to win next gen, it will only be the second time in history the preceding winner is also the succeeding winner. I don't like those odds but, who knows.

Thats one weird way of looking at it. playstation has dominated the home console market 3 out 4 times. The gen that it lost was because it made hardware that costs way more then its main competition 360, while running multiplatform games much worse, and releasing a year later, actually a year and half later in its strongest region europe, missing the crucial holiday period. ps3 was a massive fuck up, and still sold near 90 million.   

Have you noticed how Sony's domination strongly correlates with Sega, MS and Nintendo making dumb decisions? With PS3, Sony was more interested in trying to enter the PC market than winning the console war although they likely thought one would automatically lead to the other. They played the best hand they could but it ultimately backfired and allowed MS to make huge gains. It's funny how some people see domination whereas others see a pattern of decline.

Portable music device - lost to ipod

Portable games/entertainment device - lost to Nintendo/Apple

Home consoles in Japan - lost to portable consoles

Physical media formats - lost to flash/digital/streaming

Attempt to enter PC market - failed

Attempt to remove Nintendo and MS from gaming - failed

Cell processor - failed

Game streaming service - failed

VR - tbd/failed

Nov 2016 - NES outsells PS1 (JP)

Don't Play Stationary 4 ever. Switch!

This reads a bit too much like wish fulfillment, rather than an educated guess. Which is fine I guess, it kind of reminds me of my first thread ... ( 

It's just kind of a messy concept ... I mean ... why does every game need the word "Untitled" next to it? If every game is untitled and yet to be announced, why even distinguish everyone as untitled? 

I do think that The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, and Days Gone are a bit too early to call. The Last of Us 2 might end the series perfectly, Death Stranding doesn't really look like a game which can be easily sequel-ized but I guess that will depend on how many answers are left out of the first game, Ghost of Tsushima is based around a historical setting and the way they're setting it up it almost seems like the story is about the end of the story rather than the beginning, and Days Gone ... well ... I don't think it's guaranteed to be a success, quite frankly even if it is Bend might want to move away from that to a new project. But since the concept of one-and-done Triple A games is more of a novelty nowadays, I guess sequels to those games are practically guaranteed. 

I do think Bloodborne is a bit of a stretch. I mean, people already thought Sekiro was going to be Bloodborne 2 and that was clearly wrong. If we do get a Bloodborne 2, it will probably already be a few years into the PS5's lifespan. Because I think From Software as a whole really want to separate themselves from just being a Souls studio. Even when they do eventually come back to Souls-like RPGs, they will probably do multiplatform releases only. 

I may be a bit more skeptical than most, but these are all very obvious calls to make. It would be cool to see a bit more risk-taking in this list .... like maybe ... a certain remake .... that begins with an L ... : P