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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Mario Tennis Aces Opencritic/Metacritic thread. (79 Opencritic)/(77 Metacritic)

Green098 said:
axumblade said:

Just what I was thinking. I'm sure that if the demand is great enough, Nintendo will at least listen. 

I'm curious to see how well this will sell. Kirby managed to hit 1 million after 7 or 8 weeks. I wonder if this game can do the same. 

It took 5 weeks for Kirby to sell through 1 million according to Nintendo did it not?

Isnt Kirby Planet Robobot one of the highest rated and most loved kirby title in resent years? and its sold the 2nd worst?
Meanwhile people keep saying StarAllies isnt a good Kirby game, and its sold the most?

Wut? shouldnt there be a corrolation between a good game and its sales? what is this :p

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I knew you guys were over optimistic.

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Bit of a disappointing thread considering there are no links to the Metacritic or Opencritic scores.

sethnintendo said:
Asriel said:

Baffling. Absolutely baffling. But also the kind of thing that can be rectified with a patch.

To be fair selecting courts in tennis match is the least important thing you can do in a tennis video game.  It isn't like this is golf.  Sure there is a difference between clay, grass, carpet, and hard courts (most tennis video games you can't tell differences even with different surfaces).  However, the main action is on the court which the stadiums probably only come into main view at start and maybe side changes.  I'm just saying you guys are overreacting.  It is a dick move but it isn't that important for a tennis video game.  Hopefully, they at least cycle through the different stadiums during local multiplayer matches.

I'm not really sure where you see the over-reaction. It's a baffling choice on Nintendo's/Camelot's part. Level-select should be part of the multiplayer options for local multiplayer. The GameCube version had it, why not have it on Switch? Like I said, any minor issue like this can be taken care of with a patch, but it seems an oversight on day one. And, by the sounds of reviews, it's not the only oversight. I'm still getting it, but I'd hoped for some more extensive single-player and local multiplayer options, as well as a longer single-player mode.

LipeJJ said:
I knew you guys were over optimistic.

I'm personally always overly optimistic about metacritic scores but at the same time, I hold almost zero stock in them unless they're disturbingly low.  Like, if MTA got a 60 then that would make me take pause and reconsider my pre-order.

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"Kirby is too easy!"
"Mario Tennis is too hard!"

Nintendo just can't win. Still the score is better than I thought considering the full roster and online isn't avaible.

I agree when the reviewers say a game is too easy, that should remove lots of points most of the time except when the game is aimed at kids tho..

But games like DKC Tropical Freeze and Mario Tennis Aces.. jesus can we have hard games ? After that they will complain that every game is easy cause they keep under reviewing games because they offer a challenge.

Lonely_Dolphin said:
"Kirby is too easy!"
"Mario Tennis is too hard!"

Nintendo just can't win. Still the score is better than I thought considering the full roster and online isn't avaible.

To be fair, the complaints go beyond difficulty spikes. The adventure mode is short and some found it repetitive, its RPG elements are very superficial (leveling etc), offline tournament mode is extremely limited (so single-player options in general are limited), local multiplayer is limited in terms of options & level-selection, local multiplayer utilises split-screen (which seems unnecessary in a tennis game), and, judging by the pre-tournament demo, the online performance is a bit sketchy - though to be fair a number of reviewers are with-holding final judgement until a day one patch comes through.

It sounds like the core mechanics are very strong and that the game is, broadly, a return to form for Camelot - but it also sounds like there are strange limitations and that, as a single-player experience, it's still shallow despite the addition of Adventure mode, so it's probably more akin to Arms and Splatoon (though Adventure mode can be done in 2-3 hours apparently) in that it's best enjoyed as a multiplayer title. I'm still getting but am a bit disappointed by the limited single-player content and confused by the possible limitations with local multiplayer, but these things could easily be changed if there's post-launch support beyond extra characters (it won't take much to add extra settings and options to offline tournaments and local multiplayer matches).

Almost 80, very good for a sport game... I haven't played Mario Tennis since GameCube, but my friends still like the newer versions, and GC was great fun.

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Bristow9091 said:
Bit of a disappointing thread considering there are no links to the Metacritic or Opencritic scores.

it dropped to 78.