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Forums - Sony Discussion - Introducing PlayStation Hits: Great Games at a Great Price

Mar1217 said: 
Mmmm ...

1) Couldn't you already find these games in their original case at 20$ ? No, I'm sure most of them were at this price already. I guess it's just a marketing stunt then ...

Yes but this is the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price going down. Essentially meaning that retailers buy them cheaper.
So if you could already find one of these for 20 at a store, this means that the retailer won't take as much of a loss on the sale any more, and/or can lower the price even further.

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Sweet Sony. Now lower the price of the PS4 to $199.99. It’s almost 5 years old already. $300 and up is too expensive for such an old product.

Some truly hideous finds in those Castlevania and Uncharted greatest hits cases. Absolutely disgusting.

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I actually really like the look of the red and blue case.



pokoko said:
Yerm said:
re-releasing popular titles at a discounted price and including a red banner on the box art? Sony isnt even being subtle anymore when they copy Nintendo. this is the exact same thing as the Nintendo Selects line

You almost got me with that one.  Well played.  That would have been quite the display of ignorance.

i really dont understand what you mean

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Cool i waited for this
Will get bloodbourne Ratchet and Clank Little Big Planet and Watch Dogs and Batmam Arkham Knight





Just be happy it isn't as bad as this...

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Basically have all the games on the list that I wanted... and most would already have close to this price on the regular edition discounted...

But I can see it bringing additional sales due to advertisement of this selection.

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Yerm said:
pokoko said:

You almost got me with that one.  Well played.  That would have been quite the display of ignorance.

i really dont understand what you mean

I mean, saying that they are copying Nintendo with a red banner would be an odd thing to say seriously, wouldn't it?

Is it wrong that I already own all of them except project cars... well I guess I can get it now its cheap. :D

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