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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How Much Will Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sell?


How Much Will Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sell? (V.2)

20-22 million 1 25.00%
22-24 million 1 25.00%
24-26 million 1 25.00%
26-28 million 0 0%
28-30 million 1 25.00%
>30 million 0 0%
mZuzek said:

I don't think it'll sell that much. This game is a little bit more aimed at the hardcore fans and competitive players this time, I get the feeling there's less interest from casuals. It could change if they announce an adventure or story mode, and I think they will, but even with that I'm going somewhere between 13-14 million.


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2 million if they're lucky.

The Sky's the limit on how high it will go

Just put up a new poll.
I think we should all agree, at the game's current pace, 20 million is the absolute minimum we should expect. It may even reach it be the end of this year.
So now this poll should be a little more thought provoking. Just a little.

I picked 28-30m before I noticed the >30m option. I would have picked that one if I had paid attention.