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10 2 2.41%
9 0 0.00%
8 1 1.20%
7 9 10.84%
6 13 15.66%
5 15 18.07%
4 7 8.43%
3 17 20.48%
2 11 13.25%
1 8 9.64%
Ganoncrotch said:
JRPGfan said:

It was called "The Quiet Man".... it didnt show that well imo.
I think "Babylon's Fall" looked much more intresting.

That was indeed the name, sorry it didn't come to me but me and some lads were laughing at how they're making a game adaption of...


I was sure it was going to be Sleeping Dogs 2

Rofl! Talk about a movie that could never be made in 2018.

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SE's game development progress really is a mess. FFXV was delayed almost into oblivion. Still no FFVIIR footage. KH3 still looks clunky with framedrops. No footage of a new game.

6. Two new games, no DQXI for Switch news, no The World Ends With You Final Remix, the trailers featured new scenese but also ones we've already seen.

1-Microsoft 9
2-Devolver 7
3-Square Enix 6
4-EA 4
5-Bethesda 4

I gave it points for being fast.
I cut some points for 'Please wait till the end', the last 30 seconds I expected everyone to be 'Please let this to be not end, Please.....OOOHHH COME ON'!

I am shocked how little we saw of KHIII, I expected a lot more.
Tomb raider was one of the only one with gameplay and it is strange to hear people who played it how the towns are full with life and makes the game feel different and they don't show any of it.
Octopath was also short
DQ X trailer alright but I wish they could show something very exciting but ok I guess?
The quiet man a new IP and I think we only have questions not a good showing, I feel like it is a VR game?
Spirit Kid was okay, nice how the devs popped up and gave us a short explanation.
Monster Hunter world in FFXIV was a nice announcement maybe the best of the show?
JC4 trailer was better than yesterday but it stays Just cause I really don't know what to think.
Their was an other game, Babylon? but we don't really know much..
DQ crossover with that mobile game hmm...yeah meh.:p

Did I forget something?   I have to go with a 5/10.

It could have been an 7/8 10 so easy with showing more of KHIII and the games that they announced. I don't get why they didn't.

Square Enix - 2.5/10

Well, that was a thing that happened. Nothing exciting, nothing new, and nothing worth talking about; problem is, I've committed to doing all of these so I have to do something. Don't expect much of a breakdown, because Square-Enix couldn't be bothered showing us anything new or unique, not really.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – 3/10 – The more I see of it the less I like it, and it's really not showing anything new to grab my attention. I didn't care for the reboot, I avoided Rise of the Tomb Raider, and I have no interest in this because it looks the exact same but this time it's about the Mayan Apocalypse.

Final Fantasy XIV Expansions – 2/10 – So this is a thing. I mean, okay, more stormblood stuff, more expansion stuff, and some crossover with Monster Hunter world? Sure, that exists. Good for it. I don't care in the least. Emphatic pass.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit – 5/10 – I gave it seven when it was first revealed on Microsoft's stage and I stand by that, but there was even less of it shown here and we haven't really learned anything new, hence the lower score. Cautiously optimistic, but losing faith fast.

Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age – 1/10 – Aaahahha! Oh man this looked so bad! The story is as generic as it gets, the dialogue and tone were so weeaboo anime bullshit, and we didn't even see any gameplay (And if we did I missed it because I was too busy laughing.) Also, graphics look like they would barely pass muster on the PS2. What a bad, bad showing (And I could hear the audio from the upcoming Just Cause 4 trailer playing under it all so that was a hell of a gaffe).

Babylon's Fall – 5/10 – It's a thing that exists and it's a new IP, I think? I mean, we know literally nothing about it aside from it being something that exists and its name. Neutral response.

NieR: Automata Become as Gods – 5/10 – Great game, love that it's getting an Xbox One release and that it's getting a definitive edition, but this is the same thing we saw at Microsoft's presentation! Seriously, what bad planning.

Octopath Traveller – 5/10 – Honestly I am GREATLY looking forward to this game, but this is nothing new. No new announcements, no new details, it's just a generic ad for a game coming out, not something to be shown at a press release.

Just Cause 4 – 5/10 – I gave this a higher score when it was revealed on the Microsoft Stage, but the same thing applies here as other stuff that was also announced by Microsoft: It has absolutely no reason to get me excited when I just saw this. Sure, there was some gameplay explanations so it gets SOME points, but really this didn't need to be here. Had it not been on Microsoft's stage, I'd have given this a 7 or maybe even an 8. As it stands, pointless.

The Quiet Man – 5.10 - It's a thing that exists and it's a new IP, I think? I mean, we know literally nothing about it aside from it being something that exists and its name. Neutral response. (Yes, I literally copy-pasted that from Babylon's Fall, because the exact same thing applies.)

Kingdom Hearts III – 1/10 – What? Isn't this the same one I gave a 10/10 on the Microsoft stage? Yes, yes it is. Why is it suddenly a 1? Because it's the exact same trailer we saw at Microsoft's stage with all the same lacking sound effects and yet somehow cut and edited to make the whole thing shorter. This had zero reason to exist in their showcase, and it's a piss-off knowing that it was the closer.

Overall, absolutely terrible presentation. It gets some credit for showing games that are marginally interesting (Kingdom Hearts, for example), as well as some points for new IP announcements (Babylon's Fall, The Silent Man), but it loses SO many points for telling us virtually nothing new. It showed off a bunch of commercials, but that was it. No significant reveals (and the things it did reveal were just titles, basically), the whole thing felt sterile and distant, and it was completely gutted by the existence of 2/3 of the announcements already being shown at Microsoft's presentation.

In addition to all that, no Final Fantasy VII gameplay or updates, nothing new about Octopath Traveller, no new Final Fantasy games, no new anything. Even Bethesda had enough decency to reveal The Elder Scrolls VI at the end, even if they didn't also show gameplay. Why? Because Elder Scrolls is a sequel, so we know what we're getting. Babylon's Fall and The silent man we know nothing about.

Square Enix are responsible for some of my favorite games of all time, they could put out rereleases, they could do side-sequels, they could do Final Fantasy VI, but instead they're doing THREE announcements for their MMO, a THIRD entry in Tomb Raider, MORE just cause, and so many other things. So disappointing. Oh, and apparently Square Enix is working on an Avengers game, too! Considering The Avengers is literally one day away from hitting 2 billion dollars worldwide, Now would have been the time to show what they have or announce it. Sure, it'd just be a logo or title or something, but it's The Avengers and that would at least give us an idea of what to expect.

For all intents and purposes, this entire conference was a whole lot of nothing. No new details, no new information, no updates or expansive explanations, and the only reveals were for new IP without so much as a gameplay genre to attach to. Nothing.

EA's was still worse overall, but this was far more disappointing. I wasn't expecting anything from EA, I was expecting something from Square-Enix.

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Holy shit, was Square-Enix's presser an epic fail. Less than 30 minutes long with nothing new except for a couple short teasers for their new Platinum IP and a new beat-em-up called The Quiet Man.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse after EA's lackluster show, they go and out EA EA. At least with EA, you're expecting bad, whereas you'd think SE would actually have something to show us.

I was hoping we'd get new FF7R footage along with a release date for the first episode and a new teaser for the Avengers game from Crystal Dynamics (we don't even know what the damn plot is yet, let alone gotten any glimpses of gameplay), didn't happen. Aw well, I guess Sony's E3 is my only hope.

Best thing about the conference was this.

Final Fantasy 14, Monster Hunter World Collaboration Trailer - E3 2018

0/10 due to no Final Fantasy 16.

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

A nothingburger that showed nothing new. At least they didn't say anything to piss anyone off.


wasn't that bad, maybe what i was missing is an announcement of a new jrpg like a ff spin-off or somdthing in that direction