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Forums - PC Discussion - Valve Says It Will Now Allow Everything on Steam Unless It's Illegal or "Straight-up Trolling"

This is exactly the opposite direction i wanted Steam to go.. quality over quantity should be there way of thinking.

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Johnw1104 said:

Jesus they're... they're going to "police less"? It's has devolved into the equivalent of those mobile app stores at this point.

Seriously, there's been damn near zero policing to this point... and here I thought that game about shooting up your fellow classmates would finally urge them to engage in a little curating for once, not less. I think the only thing I've heard that were denied were some visialnovels that looked pretty darn close to essentially peddling pedophilia.

I don't get the issue really; steam is a money factory, and yet they always whine as if it is impossible to hire the manpower to look into these games ahead of time.

The worst of all is that half-decent policing the store could be done by a dozen people if needed.

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I think this is a good thing for detecting asset flips. They could relocate resources to tracking down asset flippers now.

It's just marketing bullshit. There hasn't been any curation for years. Valve has only ever reacted on reports and media backlash. Which is the exact same thing they will continue to do. Or not do. They won't stop illegal or troll games before they reach the storefront, because they simply do not check anything that goes up there.

I guess the only good thing here is that they'll now allow sex games? Their VN section will explode.

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Valve needs to control their platform, not let it loose.


This is going in the wrong direction. If anything has become apparent during the last decade, it’s that digital app stores need curating.

Chazore said:
shikamaru317 said:

This is good news overall. It could cause some problems with even more developers making lazy asset flip games and such, but their recent attempt to police content landed them in alot of hot water, especially when they told the makers of a bunch of visual novels with erotic content that they had to remove their games, but didn't tell the same thing to makers of AAA games with erotic content such as Witcher 3. Deciding what you should or shouldn't play should be an individual decision, not something that Valve decides for you.

I find the idea that everything needs to be curated as a bad.

For one, you've got a small select group of people deciding what you can/cannot buy based on what they think is allowed/not allowed. Out of the millions of people that use the storefront, a good chunk would end up being alienated thanks to the small curator group's idea of what is good/bad.

For another you have that curation group possibly allowing what is deemed as garbage from another group onto the storefront. This in turn would annoy that group for quite some time, if not indefinitely. Valve has already pointed out that they have not only seen people being upset when one thing changes, but that other groups voice the same displeasure when things are reversed. They know there is no winning, no making everyone happy, not even their internal staff, who have previously voiced conflicts with one another. 

This decision is ultimately for the best. They only have two core rules to go by, while at the same time developing more tools for users to make use of in terms of filtering what they would like to see/not see from the storefront. All without harming each other's wants/not wants on the storefront itself. 

I agree with this, they didn't really have much choice. It will allow them to focus on other things, as they say, and that's always welcome. Complaints will always exist, I remember the storm of hate towards Postal 2 when that released, it was like nothing else in its time and people went apeshit over it.

Quality control and whine responses are two different things though, sometimes I wonder if Steam has become too big for its own good, there are bound to be more turds on there now. All in all, I support their decision though.

Steam could really do with some more quality control, it's only rivaled by the App/IOS store atm for shovelware and cheap knock offs.

What exatcly is illegal?
I only see that Steam going to let sell. All the bugy, broken, games that dosent even play kind of garbage.