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AHahahah wtf kill me , end my sufering


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Should have been a real japanese....


My youtube gaming page.

The music is killing me

he's pretty good with that flute.

irstupid said:
man 30 minutes in and we have had basically just one game.

Last of us - Part 2 (awesome gameplay)
Call of Duty new maps thingy
Giant Ghost PSvr
Destiny 2 forsaken


but yeah..... I get what your saying.
Reminds me of that E3 where Nintendo just showed Zelda BoTW.

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Look at all the money and time wasted on this disaster of a production.

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I'm taking a wild guess that they're moving the audience through each theme for their big 4 games......for the love of buddah I hope they have a surprise 5th one in FF7 Remake!

Lube Me Up

This is so pathetic. Is this what madness looks like?

Edit - another game! Yay!






White dude playing oriental music lol

Whoever thought it would be a good idea to spend 2-3minuets each time with a musican playing songs for the games...