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Forums - Sports Discussion - What sports teams do you "root" for?

HomokHarcos said:
Rab said:

It's close between those two at the top of the ladder, I do have a soft spot for Richmond, but in the end I'm real happy to see a Western Australian team on top :D

West Coast have been very good so far this year. If I ever do visit Australia one thing I'd like to see is a game st the MCG and the museum. Also it's strange that Fremantle play in Perth instead Fremantle.

Technically Fremantle is part of Perth, I can ride my bike between the Perth CBD and Freo along the Swan river, Perth also has a new Stadium that is state of the art and in a beautiful spot, The Eagles and Dockers share this facility for home games as it is that good, works well


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The Adelaide Crows in the AFL are the only one I barrack for. My mum is a mad supporter and Crows was one of my first words. Last year was painful. Best team all year, then just didn't show up on Grand Final day.

I don’t really follow professional sports, but as a Torontonian, the Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) are huge here, many southern Ontarians go to Buffalo to watch The Bills (NFL), the media flips out about the Raptors (NBA) - but I don’t know anybody who actually cares about them, and if the Blue Jays (MLB) make it to the playoffs, everyone is miraculously a big fan.

Apparently Toronto now has a North American soccer team - but little is known about them or the league.

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How is it even possible to support more than one team? RIDICULOUS!


Imagine not having GamePass on your console...

Hockey and Football are the only sports that i can still watch. I root for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Penguins.

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The Seattle Seahawks in the NFL, and the Miami Heat in the NBA. Those are the only team sports I'm really invested in, and I was living in each of  those respective cities when I got into those sports so my allegiances there at the time kind of stuck. I also root for Lewis Hamilton in F1, so by extension I root for Mercedes, but that's really not about the team.




DirtyP2002 said:

How is it even possible to support more than one team? RIDICULOUS!


Because the sport isn't year round, and the quality of play is different across leagues. They don't compete with each other, so what's the problem? Even in England or Germany, it's not uncommon to support your local club (that may not even be professional) while also supporting a club at the top flight.

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I watch Sports for the players, I could care less about the teams.

Players I root for/follow.

#1 Albert Pujols

Mike Trout
Miguel Cabrera
Adrian Beltre
Byrce Harper
Tiger Woods

I'm mostly a baseball guy.

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