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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your favorite Call of Duty game?


What is your favorite Call of Duty game?

Modern Warfare 6 35.29%
World at War 2 11.76%
Modern Warfare 2 2 11.76%
Black Ops 2 11.76%
Modern Warfare 3 1 5.88%
Black Ops 2 0 0%
Advanced Warfare 0 0%
Black Ops 3 1 5.88%
World War 2 0 0%
Other (1, 2, 3, Ghosts, Infinite Warfare) 3 17.65%

The very first one, I especially enjoyed the Addon United Offensive a lot.

I really miss the option to set the bodycount to insane in modern CoD titles, btw. I loved it when every single enemy you killed stayed in the level forever. Sure, you needed a lot of RAM for that, but what the hell, just give me the option, ok? =P

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The first Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty 2 for single player, Call of Duty 4 for multiplayer. I'm more of a singer player gamer, so my choice would be COD2.


In that order.