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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Games/Genres That Need More Clones

Well, in terms of Diablo clones, we've had games like VIctor Vran, Grim Dawn, and we've got the upcoming Wolcen for PC, that's using the Cryengine.

The only clones we have that are close to C&C are 8-bit Armies, Grey Goo and Forged Battalion. The closed we have to Total Annihilation is Planetary Annihilation.

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Gladius - turn based that used different minigames for different attacks

d21lewis said:
I was gonna say Advance Wars but you've already said Advance Wars. Now I can't say Advance Wars.

Advance Wars.

agree. Looking forward to Wargroove though.

Wright said:

Puzzle games in the vein of Portal / The Talos Principle. There's plenty of puzzle games out there, but I've found little when it comes to replicate those two specific games, which are fairly unique on their own.

I'm playing The Turing Test right now and it would fit right in with the two you mentioned.


For me, I would like more Danganronpa/Zero Escape clones.

JRPGfan said:
Old school Fallout 1+2..... Id like some more clones plz.

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The burnout series.

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