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BraLoD said:
Must be on a pretty bad shape to get attached to Rol...

We all love that schwein

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Love seeing some of your posts on here VGP would really miss you if you weren't on the site, know that must mean a whole lot of nothing to you, but still... felt you should know!

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I don't know what brought this about, but I appreciate it. You're one of the best users on this site and I enjoy seeing your posts and threads.


You've also been very welcoming and nice to me even though i'm very new around here and for that i'm very grateful.

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aww <3

Yeah, I share that sentiment. I think I even made a similar thread at some point.


Edit: don't hate me because of the "idc" comment on your post! It's not that I don't care about you or your opinion, of course. I just don't care about GotG Vol. 2 criticism in general.

Love? Sorry, the notion of love does not compute for me... But if it does for you, here goes:

VGPolyglot said:

I know that it may not have been the smoothest ride to here, and I know that there will almost certainly be bumpy spots afterwards (I know myself enough to know that I have extreme mood swings), I want to let you guys know that in spite of the bad, that I still feel comfortable enough here to carry on and continue with the site. Thanks to the friends, old and new here, to those that I talk to sparingly to those I talk with almost daily, from those whom I've always maintained positive relations with to those whom I have had extremely painful moments with. I just want to let you guys know that I truly do appreciate your company, especially when we're in a good mood and when I'm down and in need of someone to talk to. I think that overall the bad times, while not ideal, are able to be counteracted with the good, and I hope that my company has benefits that outweigh the negatives. I hope to be able to continue talking with you guys! Special thanks to those whom I've grown attached to more recently, @palou @caffeinade @Flilix @RolStoppable @AngryLittleAlchemist @OTBWY @NeverEndingStory @BerzerkerTank , I really appreciate it. I know I'm not perfect, I know that nobody else is either, but that's what makes life joyful and painful, we just need to hope that the former outweighs the latter.

Although we've never been....intimate?....I feel a bit slighted. I mean, I've maintained a consistent level of contact on all fronts. In random threads, your threads, your wall. I even friended you AFTER you took me off your friend list....It's fine though. I'm used to you kicking me in the ribs while I try to wash your feet.



I kid.


Happy Love You Guys day.



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Thank you VGP.