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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Multiplat players: how do you determine which platform you get a game for?

Brand loyalty, I guess. But that's mostly because I already have a PC for some multiplats, if I'm interested in them.

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I tend to go with the system that delivers the best mechanics and performance, so Nintendo is always my first choice and Microsoft is my last. Even though Microsoft has the strongest graphical output and console strength, I seem to have problems with bugs with every game I buy for the platform and it’s kept me from giving them another chance. That being said, the exclusives usually seem to run fine. I buy games for PS4 when the Nintendo version has content cut or the controls seem better suited for a PlayStation controller. I guess I’d chalk it up to Performance, which is funny since I’m going with the company with traditionally weaker consoles.

The process is simple, really. I will get it for PC. There are exemptions from the rule. Timed exclusives I really want I usually get on the first platform and then double dip for PC later. Also some games I will get for mobile instead of PC.

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PC/PS4: Almost all PS4, I prefer the couch/tv.

PC/PS3/360: WoW for PC and most games for PS3 as it had free online.

PC/XB/Gamecube/ PS2: Honestly a mixed bag. XB was more useful for 4 player games. PC had a bunch of games I preferred over their ports. All had notable exclusives anyways.

PC/PS1/N64/Sega: Mixed.

If it's a game that demands competitive, precise controls (or keyboard/mouse), has an extensive modding community, or is a graphical showcase, I get it on PC. If it's a more relaxed, slow-paced game that I simply want more time to play, I get it on Switch, which is slowly phasing out my 3DS.

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Depends if I want achievements or trophies. Although since I don't have an Xbox One anymore that decision is a lot simpler now

If the console version is seriously lacking in the features I care about then I'd get the PC version instead though. That only really happens with Football Manager however.

1 and 2 I think


If the game has a competent Switch port, I go with Switch.

If a Switch port is not available or I do not feel like waiting for a delayed port (looking at you DQXI), I go PS4.

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I play mostly on x1, because of the exvlusives ( HaloMP, GoW Horde Mode, Forza Motorsport) but i also buy Battlefield for X1 because of the Gamepad and sometimes Cal of Duty because of the Zombie Mode. the other plattforms dont have big exclusive Mp Games so i dont buy a ps4 only for a call of duty or battlefield .

Im also playing Rome 2 Total war, Attila Total war and company of heroes 1 or Aoe II HD on my Pc.

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I play PC and Nintendo, that reduces the overlap already quite a bit. And on those who do overlap, it's a question of controls: If it plays better with a controller, Switch. If it plays better with mouse and Keyboard, PC