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Forums - Movies Discussion - The current superhero movies are bad



yes 5 21.74%
no 16 69.57%
meh 2 8.70%

Can we (all) agree that the only good superhero movies are Dark Knight (great), Spiderman 1-2, Guardians of the Galaxy 1 (it's actually fun, unlike those other movies full of "fun" jokes), Watchmen, Batman Begins and Iron Man 1 (ok). The rest are like the Call of Duty of movies. They are incredibly cheesy and the plots are easy to predict and uninteresting. Almost every line has to be "cool" or "fun" so you usually know in advance what they are going to say.

They are so shallow that it almost makes you feel like you are watching a comercial or a pop-music video. Not much better than the Transformer movies. Infinity War atleast had pretty scenery and action scenes that looked good (but not impactful), and Thanos was somewhat interesting. For me they don't even work as "popcorn-movies" since they focus so much on the cheesy dialogue and characters instead of pure action.

It's a shame that the target audience of these movies nowadays is kids. That's the main root of the issue. I hope that atleast the majority of people here agree with me. Or do you actually think that these movies are (really) good and have interesting and deep plots and characters? Don't let me down. I have still some hope left. We can make the World a better place.        

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No and Logan says, "How dare you!?"



I enjoy them for what they are. I have no desire to see every superhero or comic book movie aspire to a genre transcending film. Sometimes I want mindless bad guy punching and world destruction.

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They're not bad, but a lot of them (marvel and DC especially) are "meh"
I do love what Fox is doing though, with Logan and Deadpool.

There is nothing wrong with admitting you are in an extremely small minority. Just so you know.

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As others have said; No.

They are boring and the fact that every movie needs to be a cross-over of all other existing superhero is frustrating me like hell.

Most of them are. Especially the DC ones. superman and batman are such terrible characters, any movie with them in is bad by default. The X Men ones are good though, as are some of the marvel ones. Lately they seem to be increasingly generic and cliched though.