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Forums - Movies Discussion - The current superhero movies are bad



yes 5 21.74%
no 16 69.57%
meh 2 8.70%

I forgot Deadpool, because it's so different (target audience is not young children/teens). And it's the second best after Dark Knight. Every joke was good.

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Noooooooo .. and you forgot to say IMO

Eh, I don't understand the appeal. I watched The Avengers years ago and found to be 'meh' to be honest. Bad guys and good guys fought because the bad guys were bad and the good guys were good...

Dunno. I think it might be because the only heroes I care about are Batman and Spiderman.

Since the Spiderman first trilogy or Kick-Ass, I've never been into much else cuz I always found them (most of them) shallow and a predictable piece of entertainment.

Dark Knight, Deadpool have been the only exception to my rule.

Good think is that we're probably at the peak of this phenomenon, which means it's going downhill sooner or later :D

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Your missing Thor 3.

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I only like Logan, X-Men First Class, and Deadpool. Otherwise they all suffer from genericism and Michael Bayism or “Well yer s'posed to turn off yer brain and enjoy the 140 minutes of random CG and explosions, der derrrr””-ism.

Unoriginal themes, unoriginal plot mechanics, and very few going outside the very very small box of tricks these films use.

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They are ok. Good for a watch on Netflix.

They widely vary in quality, but some are excellent and many that aren't are at least fun to watch with friends.

No, we can't all agree on it.

The DC ones, sure. And did you just praise those unwatchable Spider-Man films with Toby McGuire?