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Forums - General Discussion - Burritos vs Enchiladas vs Chimichangas


Best one?

Burritos 11 36.67%
Enchiladas 10 33.33%
Chimichangas 9 30.00%
Metallox said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

The meat is ... ok ... it's a little bland but it's alright. I don't like the wrapping or the Masa 

You haven't eaten a good tamal, that's all. The ones with fruit are my favorites. 

Eh, probably true to be honest. I've only ever had them home-made. 

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Well, I like all three, but enchiladas are a bit annoying being served in sauce like that, and like you said, chimichangas are basically just better burritos, so definitely chimichangas, though burritos are probably better for you health-wise if you choose the right ingredients. Just thinking about chimichangas and looking at that picture is making my mouth water though.

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
LivingMetal said:

Tamales, man.  Tamales

I hate those to be honest

No one asked ya, to be honest.  (j/k)