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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (NS) is the most successful stand alone Zelda title (not counting remasters/other versions)


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the most successful Zelda title combined across all versions.

Yes. 55 88.71%
No. 3 4.84%
Maybe so. 4 6.45%

Not at all surprising, but, to me personally, a huge shame.

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Zelda is finally a 10 million seller. Deserved, and it will go even higher.

Majin-Tenshinhan said:
Not at all surprising, but, to me personally, a huge shame.

Sorry to hear that. I know some Zelda fans didn't like the move to open world etc.

As a Zelda fan, I have mixed feelings about its success.

On one hand I'm happy for them, IP needed big financial success after SS.

On the other, this is my least favourite 3D Zelda (bar MM, whose Groundhog Day mechanism completely put me off), rating it at 3.5 out of 5 stars. In the end, I couldn't wait to just finish it and move on to something else, skipping practically whole Hyrule Castle (via another broken mechanism called climbing).

A this point I'm only counting on Anouma being dick (as per usual) and going against what (most) fans want (more of BotW) and chaning the formula again.

Congrats to BotW!
The best game I ever played, even surpassing OoT.

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Deservedly so, I think the Switch sales will eventually surpass those of Ocarina of Time combined (both N64 and 3DS)

Long life to my fav Zelda game/Game of this Gen ... so far.

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Awesome my favorite zelda game ever.

The best Zelda ever, so Congrats!!

Such a success for Nintendo! Finally a Zelda game that's over 10m, well deserved. And just the Switch version at 8.48m already is unbelievable. It blew past every other game in the series. Breath of the Wild is amazing, after a single playthrough of 275 hours I still don't feel like I want to be done with it.

Comparing it's sales to the other games including their remakes makes no sense though, in OoT's case the release of the 3D version came 13 years after the original and is bound to include a huge overlap in buyers. Regardless, Breath of the Wild will beat it fairly easily anyway.