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it looks like nintendo will stop showing sold through numbers, sucks, but i don't blame them.

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Full translated breifing

So, Star Allies is comfortably ahead of Triple Deluxe. Japanese sales are roughly the same between the two. So, it must be far ahead in the Americas, Europe, and other regions. Star Allies could go on to become the first Kirby game since the first one to sell 3 million copies!

And Bayonetta 2 for the Switch is a little ahead of the original Wii U version, and considering the Wii U version released just before the holiday season, that's quite impressive. It looks like you can chalk another one up on the list of Switch ports that outsells their original Wii U counterparts. I think this serves as a very encouraging sign for Bayonetta 3, whenever that game releases.

160rmf said:
JSG87 said:
The amount that the games are undertracked on vg is a lot lol. I didn't even realise.

Don't forget these are Shipped+Digital numbers


I know that but I don't think Digital accounts for that much really. Does it? Oh I don't know lol.

quickrick said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

You might get surprised soon enough

In fact, saying not near PS4 sales when it did around 15M for the last fiscal year, which is near PS4 sales of the time (2014-2015) is pretty self defeating.

PS4 in 13.5 months sold through 18.5 million, switch in 13 months is probably at 15.5 million sold through.


Lol wqit u til November/December when Switch overtakes ps4 again. It will be like this for its whole life time unless somethibg dramatically bad happens. Add on Pokemon and Smash and The Switch could potentially get a big enough boost above ps4 by next year that Switch stays ahead of it forever. It all just depends on how Switch sells later on in its life. 

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quickrick said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

VGC should be pretty much on track here, maybe even slightly undertracked. In this time period, there are generally around 1-1.5 Million unsold consoles on shelves and transit, not 2.3 as you are projecting. Like I said, VGC is trailing by 1.6M, and while that is a bit high for the season, it could still be considered very good tracking.

no way of knowing but sony regularly has 2-3 million in transit.

Tell that to Japan lol.

Post in the wrong thread.

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quickrick said:
it looks like nintendo will stop showing sold through numbers, sucks, but i don't blame them.

At least they give us numbers. Unlike some companies

Pocky Lover Boy! 

quickrick said:
it looks like nintendo will stop showing sold through numbers, sucks, but i don't blame them.

What do you mean by not blaming them? They should, and appear to be, very pleased with how the Switch and its software are doing.

tak13 said:

Mario kart 8 DX sells like being Mario kart 9, no reason for a new Mario kart game on switch.
Also you want a super Mario galaxy situation?
Nintendo better save it for switch successor !
Like they should have done with galaxy 2, it would have been more beneficial for the game itself, for the previous galaxy game legs and Wii u!

We are almost certain getting another 3D Mario on Switch, Switch recived 3D Mario in its 1st year and Switch will most likly have longer life span than average Ninendo console (Nintendo said they want Switch to have life span over 6 years), so there will be plenty of time for at least one new 3D Mario game. Same could be said for new 3D Zelda.


PortisheadBiscuit said: 
tak13 said: 

The unannounced 3ds successor will be  or has to be a switch revision, a new handheld console with its own game library would be an asinine move by Nintendo for obvious reasons , so still MK9 better on switch successor.

We'll see... 

There is zero sense to release another completely different platform from Switch along side Switch, because Switch is also handheld in same time, and one of biggest advantage of Switch for Nintendo is that they are now working on games for just one platform. In some point Nintendo will just release Switch Mini/Pocket that will have more affordable price point.



GoOnKid said: 
flashfire926 said: 

The difference here is, Xenoblade is Monolith's main series. That has always been their jam, that's what they are good at.

The only reason Pikmin gets sequels is because that franchise is Shigeru Miyomoto's baby.

I'm not suggesting ARMS was a failure. Infact, I admit that it did quite well for what it was. It probably earned more profit's than Xenoblade 2, as you suggested. However, if you're Nintendo, do you send the Kosuke Yabuki team to.....

a) Make Mariokart 9. A game that is basically guaranteed to sell at least 10 million units on Switch (probably much more than that)

b) sequel to ARMS, something that may not even hit 2 million (first game only sold as well as it did because next to nothing on the switch when the game launched. Now, that advantage will also be gone).

You could put another EPD team on it, sure. But what team? Take the koizumi team off 3D Mario? Take the Aonuma team off Zelda? Take Nogami team off Splatoon? Heck no, to all of these. The only one that would do it is 1,2 Switch/Labo team.


This logic would lead to no new games at all and only more Mario Karts. This logic wouldn't even allow ARMS to be developed at all but another Nintendogs instead because those games are also made by the Mario Kart team. Cost of opportunity may be a nice catch phrase but they are not the single reason for why a game is made. The underlying situation is to be regarded holistically.

Agree, Nintendo well know that cant expect from evre new IP or even old game to expect around 5m sales, but that will not stop them relasing new IPs or sequels for games that didnt sell that much, also Nintendo is looking to have diverse library, and ARMS gave diverse to Switch library. At end ARMS will end up around 2.5+m and game most likly bring great profit to Nintendo, so we could easily see sequel, nothing is certain.



quickrick said: 
zorg1000 said: 

Just get out of here, nobody wants you here shitting up every Nintendo sales thread.

This news is 100% positive yet you found a way to say something stupid yet again.

calm down. everyone knows the shipped numbers are good, and switch is doing great but it can't compete with ps4 and wont ship 20 million unless it improves europe and ROTW sales, americas is basically only US, and canada and those sale for the first quarter are nothing amazing, its obvious nintendo was gonna meet it shiments, sony had like 2.7-4 million sitting on store shelves in the past 2 years and were able to meet there shipments goals and surpass them. i wouldn't  be surprised if there are 2.5 million switch sitting on store shelves WW as of march 31. we should hopefully be getting numbers soon.

Maybe you dont realise, but everything you saying in Nintendo/Switch threads is cant do that, it want do that, no way...everything is negative from you standpoint, so what are you saying or think is totally irrelevant.

Fact that you keep ignoring is that for Nintendo America is always strongest market and stronger than Europe, so point that Switch sold most in America isnt nothing new or strange for Switch, but for you thats something negative. Those sales for 1Q of this year were not amazing but they were quite good, espacily when we know that 1st quarter Switch lineup had only few releases that are not Indies. Later with more and stronger games Switch sales will be stronger on all markets. Also this 20m is forecasted from 1. April 2018. until 31. March 2019. so that 1 quarter doesnt count. That's your wishful thinking that 2.5m Switch units are sitting on store shelves WW, it's obvious that Switch is selling great.

quickrick said: 
it looks like nintendo will stop showing sold through numbers, sucks, but i don't blame them.

They will stop!? They were always showing only shipped numbers, only exception was that time in pre-holiday time when Reggie said they sold more than 10m units, but you sound like this ship numbers now are exception and that Nintendo always gave us sales numbers, which is crazy.

Also, you dont blame them!? Why would you blame them they were always giving us shipped numbers (even with Wii/DS), so its was expected they will give us shipped numbers.

Also look at this page, in Nintendo case shipped/sold is same thing at end.