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Awesome to see Nintendo doing well again. I am not entirely sure how past Kirby-games have done, but that looks to be an impressive number for only a few weeks of sales.

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zorg1000 said:
JSG87 said:
That 17.79 million appears to be sold and not shipped this time going by Nintendos own wording. Is that correct? Also that would mean almost 1.3 Million undertracked on here.

NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!

This happens every single quarter, NINTENDO ALWAYS REPORTS SHIPPED NUMBERS

This was why I asked because I was confused lol. 

Does any else find it kind of sad that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a port of a game that sold over 8 million copies, still managed to sell over 9 million, more than Breath of the Wild or Splatoon 2?

I'm not exactly angry or anything, but it certainly doesn't help the reputation that Nintendo fans buy anything with Mario on it because I'm sure a substantial number of the 9m are people buying the game a second time.

Was kinda hoping to see Xenoblade pass 1.5m. Wasn't EXPECTING it mind, but would've made me happy to see.

I knew I was going to see Kirby on there.

The full results state that there are 12 million sellers between first and third party games on the Switch. The list here plus the arbitrarily missing 1-2 Switch and ARMS brings us up to 8. Guesses for the remaining 4? I'd probably say Mario + Rabbids, Pokken, Fire Emblem Warriors, and Bomberman.

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So much for Kirby being a ''flop''. Doing great. Mario Odyssey and Zelda are juggernauts still.

My main surprise comes form Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Glad to see it a bit over the 1 million mark. Definitely deserves more sales. Both Zelda and Mario Kart 8 look like they'll be joining the 10 million club soon with Odyssey, awesome stuff!

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Very good numbers. The Switch will overtake the GC soon enough. As for the software, they will keep growing but very good numbers already. BotW will be the most successful Zelda title, MO will probably go over 15m this year. I also am really happy with Xenoblade 2's numbers. Highest selling Xenoblade title and it shows that the franchise is growing.

Looks to be a long journey to the top of that cliff.

I found this in the comments of one of the articles:

Nintendo 3DS vs Switch hardware shipments / LTD sales comparison:

3DS Q1 2011: 3.61 million / 3.61 million (Feb/Mar launch)
3DS Q2 2011: 0.71 million / 4.32 million 
3DS Q3 2011: 2.36 million / 6.68 million (price cut in August)
3DS Q4 2011: 8.35 million / 15.03 million 
3DS Q1 2012: 2.10 million / 17.13 million

Switch Q1 2017: 2.74 million / 2.74 million (March launch)
Switch Q2 2017: 1.96 million / 4.70 million 
Switch Q3 2017: 2.93 million / 7.63 million
Switch Q4 2017: 7.24 million / 14.86 million
Switch Q1 2018: 2.93 million / 17.73 million

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tfw MK8 Deluxe outsold the original version, which was the Wii U’s highest selling game.

"Just for comparison Uncharted 4 was 20x bigger than Splatoon 2. This shows the huge difference between Sony's first-party games and Nintendo's first-party games."

Kirby's sales are incredible. It reached the million in a very short time. According to Nintendo, there were 12 million sellers for Nintendo Switch in the last fiscal year (The 8 already known + Pokken Tournament + Mario Rabbids and the other 2 I have no idea.)


Edit: One of the 2 is probably Super Bomberman R, the other I still do not know.

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JSG87 said:
zorg1000 said:

NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!

This happens every single quarter, NINTENDO ALWAYS REPORTS SHIPPED NUMBERS

This was why I asked because I was confused lol. 

No problem, i just didnt want this to become a long drawn out argument like last time.

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Xenoblade 2 sitting at 1.31 is amazing.

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
wombat123 said:

If ARMS can crawl to 3m then it should get an in-house developed sequel.


Because 3m feels like the bar for a game to get an in-house developed sequel -- unless it's a Miyamoto pet project like Pikmin or a really low budget game like Rhythm Heaven.