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Forums - Gaming Discussion - (Opinion): God of War has the best side Content/End Game content ever


Best side content among these eight contenders.

The Witcher 3. 9 21.43%
God of War. 15 35.71%
GTA 5. 0 0%
Zelda BoTW 10 23.81%
Horizon Zero dawn. 2 4.76%
NieR Automata. 1 2.38%
Bloodborne/Souls 3 1 2.38%
Nioh 0 0%
Other/commetns/middle America... 4 9.52%
John2290 said:
Hiku said:

I'd suggest Yakuza 0 then, even though it's not on the new PS4 engine.
If you can spare 6 minutes to listen to this guy (maybe download it as an MP3 and listen while you're out and about) describe his thoughts on the game and in particular the side content. The amount of time he spent just racing toy cars may sound crazy, but I find that it's common for Yakuza playthroughs to have very long save file hours clocked in because of things like this.

If you don't have time to listen to it, then Tl;Dr, it was his first Yakuza game, and its one of the best games he's ever played. "The amount of time effort and care they put into the side quests and mini games is second to none. There are mini games in Yakuza 0 that rival actual games."

Got into chapter 6 on Y zero and man is this one hell of a game, I wouldn't say it has the bet side content, I've done much and while the entertainment spots are a nice touch many of them are implemented too blandly, only a few are extremely fun and as for the side quests they are the same as Nier Automata, only having that narrative pull. Not to say this game isn't great, it's definitely up their with GTA5. Great game though, thank you for the recommendation, I think I'll skip Kiwami and 6 cause I doubt they'll top this. Hopefully they'll out a new Yakuza before the next console reset.

Glad to hear you're enjoying it. It is a damn good game. If you're on Chapter 6 then you're getting into the good stuff now. The scene at the end of Chapter 6 for example is pretty intense.
How much of the side content someone ends up liking depends on the person, so rather than saying best I agree with how the guy in the video worded it, that "the amount of effort and care they put into it is second to none". You still have more unique side content to discover as you play on. Not just more narrative focused ones, although some of those are good and that's fine. But I mean more side content with unique game mechanics. One becomes available in Chapter 6, although I don't remember how much of it you're given access to on your first visit there. (It's the area behind the big door that the rich guy tells you about.) Another becomes available in Chapter 7 that only Majima has access to. Etc.
Some of these I spent quite some time on. So keep playing and see how you feel by the end of the game.

A few side quest related questions though, without spoiling anything.

1.) Have you met a chicken?
2.) Did you watch any suspicious movies?
3.) Did you try the telephone game?

I agree with you about not expecting Yakuza 6 to top this game, mainly based on the story. It's interesting that you feel that way already though. Then you'll probably feel more strongly about that later. But I'll still play Yakuza 6, and Kiwami 2 (you might want to play Kiwami 2 as well for a specific reason after you finish Yakuza 0. If you end really liking the game, that is) because if they're half as good as Yakuza 0, I'll still enjoy myself, and I want to see how this story ends. And Yakuza 6 is the end of Kiryu's story, Sega said.
Kiwami 2 will use the new engine from Yakuza 6, so that's a plus as well.

As for Kiwami 1, you can tell that they weren't quite as good at the writing portion back in the first few games as they are now. And there was one particular character and his development that fans had a hard time buying in the original, so for Kiwami they added some new scenes that would better explain why this character changed the way he did.

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I haven't played God of War, but in terms of side content my favorite game is still this one:

Keybladewielder said:

I haven't played God of War, but in terms of side content my favorite game is still this one:

Nice choice And wow, that avatar really pops. Not a Xeno fan but that's probably the best fitting avatar so far. 

Link to the VGChartz Discord server:

I don't know if the content itself is the best, its certainly very good, but GoW does integrate its side content on the world and the normal flow of gameplay better than any other game I played .It's like everything you are doing is tied to the main quest somehow, you get to know more of the world, learn more about the characters and dive deeper in the lore by doing the sidestuff. And the characters aknowledge they are doign these things for a reason, they aren't just gratuitous and unrelated to what is going on.

The feeling you get because of this integration is quite amazing, even after beating the game you have this sensation that the story is finished for now, but the world lives on.

I think it should be a rule where we have to wait a minimum of ten years before assessing ANYTHING as the "GOAT".