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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4: God Of War Biggest Launch In Series History [UK]

LipeJJ said:
I hope people saying GoW has less days as an excuse realize the vast majority of sales come on the first day.

Hmmm geeee it's almost like it's not an excuse if they're literally comparing the game to games that factually DID release on a tuesday

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no surprise. this gow is gonna be the highest selling gow in the franchise. win for single player games

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Sounds like in UK it landed in between HZD and U4 UK figures. Game must have done gangbusters on PSN. Have to wait for offcial Sony numbers, prolly round E3 they will mention it and take advantage of talking about the game again while the media is in its usally frenzy state of mind.

PwerlvlAmy said:
no surprise. this gow is gonna be the highest selling gow in the franchise. win for single player games

So true. Absolutely earned!

Let's say GOW III sold around 60k retail copies in UK back in 2010, 35% more of than number put the retail sales of this God of War around 80k-85k units at retail. Then, taking into consideration how much stronger digital sales are now, and considering Horizon sold around 25% digital the first month (globally), let's say the same or even more happened to GOW. If for example 25% of total sales were digital, that will put GOW total sales in UK in just 1 or 2 days around 120k units. It's still behind Horizon numbers (counting what probably sold with digital sales too), but it's around 100% more than GOW III. That would be a great result to me...

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not really surprised after the great reviews

CGI-Quality said:
So it begins.

What exactly? I am not smart enough to understand that.

How 3 had no digital sales. This probably had high digital sales. Excellent growth. Sonys golden era continues.

Digital sales are really high now compared to 2017 and especially 2016. God of War had stock issues too in the UK apparently. Digital should make up 40 to 50 percent of the sales of this game.

I'm more interested in the US sales. Horizon wasn't that big in the US while GOW is way bigger in the US than it is in the EU. Its also pretty big in ROTW so that's where sales will come from.

Well i have to be honest - that's not very impressive. I thought it would do better than that. Being the bestselling ONLY IN THE FRANCHISE ITSELF isn't very impressive tbh.

Hopefully it has much better sales elsewhere.

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