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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo files new, interesting patent


What is it?

New dedicated handheld 3 13.64%
New way to utilize multiple Switches 10 45.45%
Nothing. It's just a patent. 9 40.91%
Wyrdness said:
SuperRetroTurbo said:


I read the article and theories of what you stated and if thats the case then...I'm going to look stupid. Lol.

But if it's what I think it're looking at what I would call encapsulating interactive device that could theoretically be an alternate or fully replace vr. 

I think there's more to these patents. Mine had a projector.

We're talking MR without a headset...basically.  

Can that really be executed viably with current available? It does sound like something Nintendo would go for though.

Unfortunately no I don't think it can but then again I could be wrong and this has something to do with the Switch. 


The timing is what makes me believe my theory. It was patented last year. Nintendo has always taken multiplayer as a top priority. It would just seem so unlikely that they had this idea for that long(longer considering someone thought of it in depth well before it was patented) and never implemented it with the Switch.


My gut tells me this is something much different.

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Looks cool.
Of they implement it, I wonder what kind of software we'll see.

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Mar1217 said:
Pagan said:

Thx  exactly this. Why not just a single screen with good power and thats it. Oh nintendo. You will always be nintendo.

Thank god, they're still like themself. I thought for a second they would try to replicate others :)

Oh yes. How dare me. How can i say that any nintendo masterpiece game deserves the best visuals. How dare me. Yeah. So right. Nintendo games deserve 900p. Sorry that i even thought about 4k. My bad.

huh. i am interested in to see what, if anything they do with it. though new tech like this doesn't really mean much for the spec side of hardware, corners are cut somewhere.


edit: forgot to add, if its a new system, but it makes sense of a switch function.


Eh, probably just a fun way to use multiple Switches, which isn't as expensive as it sounds, provided you have friends over with their own Switch systems.