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Forums - Sony Discussion - Does God of War's Hype Exceed Uncharted 4's?


God of War vs Uncharted 4

God of War 33 57.89%
Uncharted 4 24 42.11%

I don't normally create these sort of threads, but I find something interesting. I've seen an immense amount of hype for God of War. More than any title in the series before it. So, I'd like to pick some brains. Have you seen similar (or more) hype for God of War than Uncharted 4? Why? Why not? 

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There definitely seems to be more hype for the new God of War, I think it's because GoW is such a huge reinvention for the series, also it's been 5 years since the last (and extremely underwhelming) GoW game so we're craving another great addition to the series and one looks to be ticking every box and then some! I have the collector's edition pre-ordered, 9 days to go! :D

I'd say not even close. I see mixed feelings on GOW,whereas I saw nothing but super hype for Uncharted.

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Well, from an advertising perspective, I can safely say I've been blitzed with more GOW content than I was with UC4. Both online ( mostly on youtube ), as well as on TV. I feel they've been pretty been pretty even in terms of coverage by the gaming press, and honestly, might give the edge to UC4 in that regard. Tough call.

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There seems to be some excitement for GOW, but it doesn't come close to Uncharted 4. Hype was massive for that game

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uncharted is a formulaic game that is held up by production value. almost as overrated as zelda.


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Who knows? Uncharted might win due to being the first big PS4 exclusive but I think GOW probably has more traction do to the bigger install base and also the complete innovation of the franchise. Wasn't GOW for a while the most viewed E3 game ever?

Doesn't seem to come close to Uncharted 4's hype from what I'm seeing in terms of how much people are talking about it, and what they're saying.
Questioning if the graphics we saw for the teaser were real, for example.

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I felt more hype in the air leading up to UC4. Old fans wanting more of the old style may have something to do with it. That reveal sure was priceless, though...

I'd say so. It's been a long time since GoW3. The gamers are thirsty. I know we had ascension but that didn't have much hype.