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Congrats Amy!

Also gg Nymeria and LipeJJ

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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
I know a certain Trunks Boy who is going to be very happy with this out come

>>shoot @AngryLittleAlchemist


Doesn't work here.

Well she is gorgeous so deserved, and 2nd and 3rd well deserved also congrats guys

Congratulations Amy! That was a fun ride!

Wow, is this really a gaming message board? Not Vogue or GQ? Grats you lookers you!

Perhaps I'll give this a go next year after reaching my goal of losing 25 lbs heh


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Always the bridesmaid...

Big improvement over last year where believe I went out first or second round, but Amy proved to be too much in the end. Happy with a podium finish and keep working on it to make a title run in 2019.

Congrats to Amy for winning and also to Nymeria and LipeJJ who put up a great final contest. :)

PwerlvlAmy said:
Thanks everyone!

Holy crap the whole thing was intense. First time being apart of one of these things and cant believe so many rounds that went on for literally like 3 days with ties. nuts

Thanks to Nym,Lipe,Flilix,Angel,Axum,ThinkMan,Oliver,Farsala,Pie,XMetroid,Wyrdness,Rmf,Peeproni,PDF,Dongo,Vini,Slarvax,droid,yoda,VGP and everyone else for making this an exciting,intense and fun time.

Congrats Amy, but really we did nothing but looked at your pictures and judged you on the internet (creepier when you say it that way, huh?) XD


Anyways, congrats to the top 3 altogether, that was a close competition and it was fun participating!

Amy, it's crazy because I feel like we went from not knowing a thing about what you looked like to being shocked round after round by just how attractive you really are haha. So congrats on your excellent genetics as well! :D


Edit: Forgot to say it. Thank you Slarvax for taking the time to host this whole thing, you did a great job!

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Congrats all! avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

Angelus said:
Grats Amy. You won, and proved my opinion on blurry pictures are irrelevant lol

next time we need a pixelated photo to see how that holds up lol


and thanks again everyone for the kind words about myself and everyone else that participated and set up the tournament. Its much appreciated 

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