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I think Jesus really believed it. Nobody would go through all that if they didn't. Was he the son of God? Probably not.

I mean if God exists then what is God? Can it even really be comprehended by humans? Then I'm supposed to believe that Jesus was God incarnate? It's such a great claim that I'm not sure I could even even begin to comprehend it and therefore don't believe it.

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Seems like most of the people that believe in Jesus tend to be some of the worst people I know.

Considering I've just watched a video last night about 10 people that thought they were either God or Jesus reincarnated, with all of them having gathered a flock of gullible idiots numbering in the thousands as believers, it's pretty hard to not consider the idea that we had gullible idiots 2000 years ago as well.
God stopped making sense to me when I was in my preteen years, as I was trying to read the Bible at the insistence of my religion teacher in school. She seemed really surprised that one of her model students did a complete 180 at the idea of God then.

Why do I get scared If I dont accept Jesus as my savior? I don't believe in god but apart of me believes. I don't know how to explain my situation ? might be fear ?

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I believe that there is a creator of our existance that we call God, that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that he is my lord and saviour.

" Rebellion Against Tyrants Is Obedience To God"

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He's dead, how can he rule and save me?

Really, if Jesus died for my sins it was a giant waste.

Nope. I was forced to be Catholic, for the first 18 years of my life, and i never believed a lick of it. If the bible were all true, why are there so many books, that were removed from the bible, hundreds of years ago? Mainly the books of Mary and Enoch.

Of course, but then again, I'm Catholic, so that's only natural.

There is so much pain, sufferering, and hate in the world. I'd think that wouldn't be the case if there was a god, unless said god is a colossal asshole or laughably incompetent.

I've been going to church since I was little but I honestly don't think most of the stories in the bible are suppose to be taking literally. Think the whole point is to learn from them, especially the stories in the old testament.