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Forums - General Discussion - Do you use facebook/social media? How to potect privacy?


Do you use social media?

Yes 5 31.25%
Yes, but only with some privacy techniques 3 18.75%
No 8 50.00%



How to protect privacy?

1. Use a different browser for social-media so it can't track your other visited sites.

2 Use startpage or duckduckgo as your regular search engine

3 Do not use fb on your smartphone. Use a PC instead so the app can't trace your calls, location, contacts etc.

4 Use LibreOffice instead of MS Office, they are scanning through your personal files


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Yes, I use Facebook. Unfortunately privacy is impossible if you're using the internet, so I'm already long past that point.

I use Facebook / Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp. I also use Hangouts, Skype, Snapchat and Instagram much less frequently. Heck, I used WeChat while I was in China during the summer and I still use it to contact some friends.

As for privacy, I couldn't care less.

I use Facebook. I'm not on Twitter or Instagram or Whatsapp or Snapchat or anything else. I use tracking protection but I'm actually trying to get rid of Facebook.

Forums, Reddit and IRC are the best social media anyway.

for every picture posted online i use a big fake mustache so facial recognition doesnt work

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I deactivated my fb account in the summer of 2015.

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I don't really care much about Facebook and Google collecting data from other sites, since I don't have any important or private stuff anywhere else.

im on fb/twitter,there's no where to run, that have all our information, we are dooooomed

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I use Facebook for real life stuff, and Twitter and Reddit for general internet shenanigans.

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Don't use any social media but I don't really care about my data footprint on the internet. If anything I feel sorry for clogging up all that storage with my worthless data garbage.

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