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So.... where's S.T.A.G.E.? You can't tease us with his name like that and not even include him!

6p FloatingWaffles
5p Wyrdness
4p Shenlong
3p NintendoPie
2p DroidKnight
1p Mr. Playstation

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

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Wow, I made it through. That's surprising :D

6p - Shenlong213

5p - Floating Waffles

4p - NintendoPie

3p - Mr. Playstation

2p - Wyrdness

1p - DroidKnight

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6p - Shenlong
5p - DroidKnight
4p - Wyrdness
3p - Mr. Playstation
2p - FloatingWaffles
1p - NintendoPie

6p- pie
5p - waffle
4p - shenlong
3p -mr playstation
2p -droid
1- wyrdness

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6p - NintendoPie
5p - Mr. Playstation
4p - FloatingWaffles
3p - Wyrdness
2p - Shenlong213
1p - DroidKnight

I absolutely hate giving people low scores in this tournament.

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6p- Floatingwaffles
5p- NintendoPie
4p- Shenlong213
3p- Mr.Playstation
2p- Droidknight
1p- Wyrdness


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Oh I didn't realize there would be some sort of extra round, thought I was out already so when I clicked this I was surprised to see my pic again lol

6p - Mr.Playstation
5p - FloatingWaffles
4p - DroidKnight
3p - Shenlong213
2p - Wyrdness
1p - NintendoPie

6p NintendoPie
5p Mr. Playstation
4p Shenlong
3p FloatingWaffles
2p DroidKnight
1p Wyrdness

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