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Forums - Sales Discussion - If the fit trainer is in smash do we get Switch Fit?

Honestly I think the Wii fit phenomenon is dead and was limited to the Wii. The Wii U Fit was a big failure that sold under a million while the two Wii Fit games sold over 40 million. Wii Fit was a fad that lasted only as long as the Wii lasted. Wii was marketed as a way to be active while playing video games, which played directly into the Wii Fit marketing. Switch is marketed as a way to play console level video games anywhere, that doesn't tie into Wii Fit at all. Just like Wii U was about being able to take your game off the tv and still play in the house when the tv was being used, which didn't tie into Wii Fit marketing. Let's be honest, Wii Fit is not a good way to get in shape, its a low level of activity and I think after the Wii phenomenon was over people lost interest in a Fit-like game.

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I think it´s unlikely..... due to the poor sales of Wii Fit U.

And people can always get Just Dance

OTBWY said:
I have a feeling the Wii trainer will be in. Why? Because I think they still intend to use the same Amiibo's.

I don´t think that they will use all the fighters from the 4th game.... I think they may skip some of the less popular ones, like Wii Fit Trainer.

Still, you can be sure that they will preserve amiibo funcionality and launch a few new amiibos

Yep. That's why every Nintendo console gets a F-Zero...

Nah. Would that also mean that we're going to get FFVII or new ROB game on Switch?

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Pedometer JoyCon rules!!!


No, a lot of characters are in Smash 4 that didn't have their own games on the Wii U/3DS

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No !

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There's really no reason not to come out with some Switch Fit. The Wii Fit was very popular and honestly a good deal of fun.

I'd be a little surprised if she's in Smash, though.

Even if Wii Fit Trainer comes back, doubt we'll get a Switch fit due to the poor sales of Wii Fit U.