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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo needs to release a Pokemon Party game ASAP

Yes, Pokemon stadiym mini games were so fun and the it would really capitalise on the brand, lots of cuteness, offer Switch that classic party, motion control game its missing at the moment and not impede on the main series..

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What taking them so long?? Put the N64 version on NSO at least ffs!



We reap what we sow

I thought you meant a game like Mario Party lol.

Dulfite said:

I thought you meant a game like Mario Party lol.

Just the mini games on a screen selection would do for me. 

But I also like the idea to make a board just like Mario Party



We reap what we sow

Would be great but they should just do a Nintendo Party game (like a party version of Smash bros) - same with Kart.

Anyways, you'll get and like the next Pokemon Lets Go or Mystery Dungeon cause thats what Nintendo says so ;)


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