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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who are your favourite/least favourite games reviewers/journalists.

To be honest. I can't really say I like any video game reviewer other than personal friends I know. I just have never really cared for critic reviewers such as youtubers,ign,gamespot,kotaku,etc

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Hate to say it, but not a single reviewer has the same tastes as me. I suppose that is why my top 50 list seems to have quite a few unique choices that no one else picks :).

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I don't listen to youtube people because for one, they're too easily corruptible (most are) and two, they're no different than you or I. If I want opinion from gamers, I'll come in here and make a thread asking about a game. If I want the opinion of a skilled journalist, I'll read one of their reviews.

As far as those are concerned, I don't even read them anymore either. I might have a glance at the overall meta score of a game (disregarding user review scores for idiocy) but that's about it. I've found that as the years go on, reviewers have started grading in ways I don't agree with. They no longer punish redundancy and lack of innovation like they use to. A game can come out and do absolutely nothing new but do it well, and it gets a 9. That's not how it use to work. There are other things they do now which they didn't do in past that I won't get into simply because the list would be to great and also because I doubt anyone gives a shit about what I'm saying enough to read them so... yeah.

I don't read reviews anymore.

My favorite reviewers are: ProJared, GameXplain, Arlo, and Veknoid. They're all good folk who I feel I can trust when I need a good review on a game I'm curious about.

Least Favorite: Zero Punctuation. While his videos are really entertaining, they're not really ones I can use as a basis when considering certain games.



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Angry Joe and Kevin VanOrd, cos we have similar tastes.