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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who are your favourite/least favourite games reviewers/journalists.

I like metacritic flawless numbers

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- Jim Sterling: I pretty much agree with him 1:1 on taste (except, oddly AC:Unity). Great show format, and openly critical of the industry. Just awesome
- VideogamerUK: don't follow them as much now, but Alice and Colm are pretty trustworthy
- Eurogamer: generally check them out for news, but they have some solid reviews
- Kirk Mckeand: very good writer, even if I don't agree with him (Dishonored is ok)
- Tauriq Moosa: he did a few great writeups all over the web, also a student (impressed!)
- Whatever pops up in my Twitter feed: deep analysis post-release, general vibe etc.
- Matt Brown: highly informative and well put together, might be my favourite gaming Youtuber
- Writing on Games: good analysis on games I normally play
- Turbo Button: good analysis on games I normally don't play
- Bitsocket: Yakuza pretty much
- Cool Ghost: little known indie gems and other stuff. Wonderfully odd
- Laura Kate Dale: I like her style, and insider info + buttz content
- HBomberguy, Dan Olson: what gaming content they have is probably some of my favourite on YT
- TheGamingBritShow: actually quite good, when he doesn't start droning on about framerates or some shit
- Superbunnyhop: great investigative journalist, good reviews, dreadful tech analyses
- VideoGameDunkey: more of an entertainer than a reviewer, he should really stick to joke-content
Least favourite:
- I avoid the censorship twats, gamergate nutbags and general far-right adjacent weirdos who use gaming as an excuse for their bigotry, so couldn't name names
- AlphaOmegaSin: watched his response to the Kojima/Konami split and was amazed at the stupidity of it all

There is only one game reviewer who has ever mattered and ever will matter...



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Dunkey, Jim Sterling, Worth a buy (Mac) and ACG.


I don't really like any of the video game site reviews, since most of them have differing tastes from mine, while Youtube reviewers are more in line with what I'd want to play. 

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I can't stand any of them to be honest. They're either incredibly biased, bought-and-paid-for, or out to get traffic and attention.

I mean, everyone has their own tastes and opinions, so why let someone you don't know make up your mind for you? album samples, extended film trailers, and game demos exist for a reason - for you to form your own opinions. So there's really no need to listen to the ramblings of some self-important shitebag.

It's sad that people with no talent can make a living by judging the work of people who actually do.

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There's only one person that comes close to do game journalism,and that's george weidman,aka superbunnyhop.I don't always agree with him,of course,but his videos are always relevant,the arguments make sense,and the quality of his writing is miles ahead of everyone else.
One of his best videos imo:

I like sommecallmejohnny,sunder,mark brown and gaming historian.Aside from that,everything else(dunkey,egoraptor,etc)is just for entertainment purpouses.

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VideoGameDunkey, SomeCallMeJohnny, and Caddicarus are the only ones I care for.

Everyone else is a bore to hear/read, IMO.

"Just for comparison Uncharted 4 was 20x bigger than Splatoon 2. This shows the huge difference between Sony's first-party games and Nintendo's first-party games."

TruckOSaurus said:
TruckOSaurus: Great taste in games, I agree with his opinion on most things.

Hmm, on what do you disagree, though?

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Favourite: ACG
Least favourite: far-left nutjobs, like that eurogamer SJW kingdom come reviewer.

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I like Review Tech USA, SpawnWave, RGT85 and Pat Contri, the least one I like is Jim Sterling he is too obnoxious!