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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ex-COD players, why did you lose interest?

Mmmh, my peak was at WaW/Blops with the campaign and zombie mode where I spent a ton of time enjoying it with my brother and friends. Then, I was only playing the campaign until I got bored after BO2 and got into more diverse gaming afterwards with my PC and 3DS.

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Started losing interest with mw3 but still played a couple after. Black ops 3 was the last one I bought. I don't rule out the option of getting into the series again, especially after mw remaster and the new one which are tempting me.

I just got tired and Battlefield Bad Company 2 ended up being a way more interesting and fun game in my opinion, and ever since then i moved to that franchise.

BO3 was my last COD. The series is too much of the same. The campaign's just seem to get worse and worse. Plus there are way too many pro's in online multiplayer and I don't stand a chance.

That and ever since Battlefield 3, I find it a much better franchise all around. BF4 and BF1 have been fantastic. I skipped BF Hardline due to it's COD likeness.

I just simply lost interest in the gameplay, no lt of just cod but all first person shooters. COD literally put me off FPS. I was playing modern warfare 2 and I can remember thinking to myself “there’s no difference here to the last ones, I’m walking around and pressing fire when some enemy is in my crosshairs then I’ll walk till more enemies appear and do the same”
First person shooters are simply to bland and boring for me now, every single one plays the same there’s just nothing interesting in the gameplay.

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In short: very low skill ceiling, very low TTK, atrocious netcode and infrastructure, campaigns with many cliche and Michael Bay moments (they simply made me say "That's just stupid", not "Wow that was so cool").
But most importantly: I played COD games for a very long time and they were my "main" games for the biggest part of it. Naturally you get bored of something if you do it for so long and especially the COD games which are notorious for being "the same thing every year". I don't regret the time I dedicated in them, since they gave me a lot of good memories, but that part of my gaming experience is in the past.

Loved it on ps2. Cod2 big red one was epic.

Cod3 on ps3 was enjoyable. That HD shine <3

Cod4 was revolutionary and a masterpiece. I used to get 2 hours sleep before school because I'd play it all night. The height of the series. Completed the campaign 20 times and played the online for years.

WaW was a disappointment but I just kept playing cod4 so didn't mind.

Mw2 wasnt as good as cod4 but was still epic, especially online.

Black ops 1 was so clunky compared to modern warfare but it was enjoyable.

Mw3 felt bland online. The Co op was fun though.

Back ops 2 a shit show and turned me off the series. At this point I switched to battlefield 3.

Haven't bought cod ghosts, or advanced warfare or black ops 3. Waiting for them to be cheaper on sale to play the campaign. I bought infinite warfare to play the goat, cod4 remastered. Infinite warfare campaign was epic. Cod4 remastered epic too. Although they made us pay for a ten year old cod4 dlc again and charged more then it cost back then so I said fuck them. Not getting ww2 until its cheap in a few years for the campaign in protest of that.

Ha, even the FaZe Clan seems to have lost interest in COD

Stopped after CoD 3 already. The move to a more modern time never interested me. You could say why not buy WWII then, and I might, but after reading the campaign isn't anything to write home about I'm not in a hurry. I don't play multiplayer. Which is another thing, the games' gotten too multiplayer focused.

MW2. Not the fault of CoD, rather than of 99% of FPS games: when you can play RPG's or anything else that actually leaves a mark in your brain, there is no reason to play FPS games. If you want action, TPS is always better IMO.