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When will the Switch LTD pass the NCG

June 2018 7 8.97%
July 2018 11 14.10%
August 2018 19 24.36%
September 2018 14 17.95%
October 2018 7 8.97%
November 2018 7 8.97%
December 2018 3 3.85%
1st half 2019 3 3.85%
2nd half 2019 1 1.28%
It won't 6 7.69%
Miyamotoo said:
Switch was around 15m at end of December, it will be around 17-18m at 31. March, so it will pass GC numbers probably around July.

Agreed. Nintendo expects 2.9m shipped this quarter, which means 17.8m by the end of March. The next quarter should be at least a bit better since it actually has many first party releases, so let’s go modest with 3.5m. That would put it at 21.3m by the end of June, so it will definitely surpass it by July. And that’s a conservative scenario.

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I’d say November, but wouldn’t be too surprised if it surpasses by early September.

tripenfall said: 

The Switch is currently on 13.73 million units sold (according to VG Chartz) and selling heavily each week. 

More like 14,5 millions according to VG Chartz

I expect the Switch to sell more than 17 millions by the end of march, and to be close to GC's numbers by the end of june

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It looks like the Switch is around 15 million units as of Feb ending, so to beat the Gamecube it needs 7 million+ units. According to Nintendo's financial projection they should be aiming to sell 15 million Switch's from March to December, so as long as they get half of that the Gamecube will be beaten this year. If all goes swell it should be done in November. The people voting it won't are just trolls, the Switch would have to be discontinued in order for that to happen lmao

Probably around October or November.

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If the new production and shipping lines are up as planned, it'll make it by July.

Also, I'm thinking when the 22nd million sale will actually be made. Not when we will be privy to hear about it.

I think aruound August is the safest bet

So um which idiots put it wont? Haha have they nkt heard of pokemon

I think about August. But late August.

Nogamez said:
So um which idiots put it wont? Haha have they nkt heard of pokemon

Insulting me because of what I voted is not the right way to go about this.

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