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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Metal Gear Survive charging $10 for additional character saves

Mandalore76 said:
Dgc1808 said:

I'm not bothered by this at all.

If the game had only one save file and you had to completely delete your save to start over, no other option, people would probably be less angry (Pokemon, Breath of the Wild). However, that just doesn't make sense to me.

EDIT: Also, did one of the past Metal Gear Online games also require you to pay for additional saves?

No other option?  You can play Breath of the Wild on as many accounts as your heart desires to create with a different save file on each.  You don't have to buy extra save slots, and certainly not "have to buy the entire game over again" as you imply.

I don't know how an XBOX ONE works, but on PS4 you can make separate user accounts as well and each user has their own separate save files. i'd imagine the experience is similar on X1. What you're describing for Breath of the Wild is also an option for Metal Gear Survive. The ability to buy additional save slots on the same account is a strict upgrade in comparison to Breath of the Wild...

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LOL, only 103k copies sold in its first week. 😂 Karma FTW!

I'm glad this shit is blowing up in their face. Otherwise, it would only be a matter of time before companies would charge us just to load the menu screen, or to change control settings, or hell, start charging us a dollar entry fee for online matches. Could you imagine other companies trying to do similar shit with their games? After all, it only takes one scummy business practice being profitable for other companies to follow suit. I'm so glad it backfired with this game.

This is worse than what EA did with SWBFII IMHO for the dangerous precedent alone. Imagine having to unlock the options menu with a loot box/pachinko minigame. Come on, you KNOW some company out there (I'm looking at you, EA, Activision, Rockstar/Take Two) would try something like this if we let Konami get away with it, you know it and I know it.

I'm just gonna end it on an obligatory #FucKonami.