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Forums - General Discussion - 5G data coming soon

thepurplewalrus said:

Idk if someone has said this in the thread already, but soon home internet connection will go the way of landline telephone service.

That will be an amzing day. Out with Wifi, and in with 5G. If AT&T can deliver the same 250Mb/s and 1TB cap that I am getting from Comcast, I will drop my ethernet day one. If all devices come with a 5G modem in the future, allowing any device to be mobile, that is going to be absolutely beautiful. Bring it on!

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roadkillers said:
CrazyGamer2017 said:
Yeah, nice 5G with huge speeds on cell phones that no one will actually use cause data caps are horrible and everyone waits to be home or on a WIFI to watch stuff like videos and do big downloads. So at the end of the day, 5G like 4G, 3G and 2G will be used for the same thing: Read emails and other text sources and send text messages...

(This rant is about mobile use in my country. I won't speak of other countries as I don't know what the deals are over there)



Yeah I did not think of portable gaming, but isn't 15mb/s enough for that? I think the bigger issue like everyone is saying, is unlimited data.

even 256KB/s is enough for gaming.....

We have it already in switzetland. By the the end of the year th testphase will be completed and Swisscom will offer it 2019 for all customers.