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Forums - General Discussion - Should any topic be off-limits when it comes to humour?

Context - it's what makes this unneeded conversation brought up so many times.

If you're having a dark joke festival then go ahead and knock yourself out. Just use common sense. Don't go to some random person with down syndrome and call them a retard and proceed to get triggered over the 'triggered' strangers calling you out for being a dick.

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From the op: "However, the thing is I think some people address topics like these in poor taste, as their main goal isn't to criticize sex offenders, murder, etc. but rather the comedy itself is the main goal."

How is it bad taste to have comedy as a main goal for a joke?

I think that there should be no limit. However many use this as an excuse to make hateful jokes to deliberately insult someone.So I think that the motive for the joke is the most important thing in determining whether it should be accepted or not.
For example if a child tells a funny joke about dead babies for a mother, that just lost her baby. If the child did it thinking that it would be funny and did´t mean to hurt anyone, then it should be fine. But of course the child might feel guilty and bad, if the mother for example started to cry, because of that joke.
So my point is that everything should be allowed if the intent is good for example to make others laugh and not to hurt anyone. And it is important to learn to know when and what jokes to tell to others, be sensitive and understand that people are different.

:D to the abortion joke!

You must have been watching the same YouTube videos as me. This was one of the topics.

I think there should be limits.

I remember an episode of Family Guy that poked fun of Elizabeth...I forget her last name...and her abduction. I didn't see the meaningful satire or political point the writers had in mind other than another one of their cheap shots at a touchy subject.

I remember telling myself...if that were my family member... let alone daughter...I would have personally made it my business to meet McFarlane in person and kick the living shtt out of him.

But that's just one example from one opinion.

Maybe there shouldn't be limits.

But if you're willing to exploit a persons emotions... don't be surprised if that situation is met with backlash or even violence.

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Elizabeth Smart joke on Family the title on YouTube...and I'm pretty sure there's another skit involving the same matter.

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Paatar said:
No. It’s literally all context. Humor is subjective. Depends on the person, depends on the timing, everything. It has its place when it’s not meant as a dark intent. If it’s meant, in context, to not be something hateful, I don’t think anything is off limits.

I agree with this completely.  Stuff that is totally inappropriate to say in some circumstances is just really funny shit other times.  Its all about context.