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Forums - Music Discussion - Favorite movie soundtrack(s)

There have been individual songs in movies I have liked but the only movie that I watched then afterward wanted the soundtrack was Spirit.



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I love this trilogy so much. The greatest movies I have ever seen in my life and my absolute favorites of all time.
The soundtrack is one of many huge reasons why.

Don't really listen to entire soundtracks, Time from Inception and Lightning Strikes from Wonder Woman are good pieces.

Forgot this one


From Evil Dead 2 So Freaking Beautiful 


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For a full soundtrack, Rocky  1-4 lol 


My fav themes probably these:













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When it's possible to express love with music, then I would choose the John Dunbar Theme from Dances With Wolves.


From a bombastic point of view I would choose the complete King Arthur soundtrack by Hans Zimmer.

The soundtrack I listend the most is 1492 - Conquest of Paradise by Vangelis. It's perfection in any point of view by the king of synthesizers.


TranceformerFX said:
Title says favorite Soundtrack. Posts are specific songs.


IKR? The vids I posted are just EXAMPLES of songs from said soundtrack (Underworld: Evolution). How it went from listing fave soundtrack(s) to merely listing certain songs I'll never know.

The lord of the rings fellowship of the ring or Harry Potter Deadly Hallows part2.


The soundtrack of "Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain" or just "Amelie"  in English by Yann Tiersen is simply wonderful. I  could listen to it all day long.

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A soundtrack that it always gives me chills everytime I hear is the one of Interstellar, such an underrated movie btw.

Also the soundtrack of Unbreakable, another freaking underrated movie. There is something so sad yet so powerful on that soundtrack that I find incredible.

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