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Forums - Movies Discussion - Who would have though Jumanji could hit 1 Billion World-Wide?

roadkillers said:
Jamanji dropped only 10% this weekend making it have the seventh largest 8th weekend of all time

I'm guessing it held so well because it was a good alternative to 50 Shades, next weekend will be a good test against Black Panther. More theaters are being taken away from Jumanji as well.

Most recent estimates put it at ~882 million worldwide. Only 118 million to go. 1 billion hinges on Japan, but it'll get awfully close.

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Jamanji made nearly 8 million in its 9th week (9th highest ninth week). It sits at 380 Million in the US (2nd biggest for Sony behind Spiderman which made 403 million). It sits at $909 Million worldwide without a Japan release. This movie is making 400+ domestic and topping $1 billion. Look for Jamanji 3 in 2019.


During the holiday season, my husband and I took our three nieces to the cinema and let them pick the movie. I was a bit disappointed when they said they wanted to see Jumanji over Coco because I was sure it was going to suck but in the end I actually enjoyed it. It's not the movie of the year but it does it the mark for what it's trying to do so I can understand why it had a great run at the box office since word of mouth probably brought people in that previously wrote it off. (Also Nick Jonas is hot)

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It's just fun and very re watchable as I've seen it twice which is rare for me. Right mix of fun and action.

Also a great cast. Rock was funniest I've seen him and Karen was hot even when she was meant to be awkward.


^ "Karen was hot", please expand on this. For research purposes


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The movie was really good.Certainly deserves it.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

I hope they will turn it into a cinematic universe with bi-annual sequels and spinoffs and spiderman cameos.

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Should be hitting 400 Million this year and will become Sony's biggest next week, eclipsing Spider-Man. Of course, Spider-man had more viewers because of inflation.

It has become Sony's second largest movie worldwide, with no possibility of passing Skyfall. If Jamanji can break 1 Billion has yet to be seen