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Forums - Sony Discussion - Double Prediction: God of War will be 90+ Meta and will sell 15M+ Lifetime


MC-Score and sales?

95+MC and 15M+ sales LT 3 5.08%
95+MC and 10M+ sales LT 5 8.47%
95+MC and 5M+ sales LT 1 1.69%
90+MC and 15M+ sales LT 2 3.39%
90+MC and 10M+ sales LT 12 20.34%
90+MC and 5M+ sales LT 21 35.59%
85+MC and 15M+ sales LT 0 0%
85+MC and 10M+ sales LT 4 6.78%
85+MC and 5M+ sales LT 9 15.25%
Other 2 3.39%

I think it can do 10 million with tons of marketing (which it will get) and maybe a bundle. Not sure about 15 million tho. 90+ metascore will most probably happen.

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With my poor prediction lately i will say

96 with 12 million



This video has over 76 million views & 655k likes, public interest for this game is insanely high and people like what they've seen. If it releases to critical acclaim like I expect it to there's no doubt it'll be one of the biggest games of this generation.

The developers put a lot of passion and money into their work / development.

More than 5 million units are sure, i think. Dont forget: so many incredible and big PS4-games are coming this and next year, the competition is very strong. Worldwide more than 90 %. I'm not a fan of the old games, but the new God of War is very interesting and looks fantastic.

pokoko said:
I have a feeling it won't score over 90 on Metacritic. It would not surprise me to see it getting some negative scores because it changes gears from the original trilogy. "Traditionalists" sometimes don't want to like new things.

On the other hand, we do seem to be in the midst of more score inflation so who knows.

And it wouldn't score over 90 because people would complain it was more of the same, tho, it has nowhere to go to avoid this kind of criticism xD

I'm sure this criticism will be present but I still expect a 90+, the game seems very well worked on.

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bananaking21 said:
Alkibiádēs said:

It will be easy. It's almost always the same franchises that score very high, with the occasional surprise (Celeste for example). 

my point is that this is a big departure from previous GoW games, and i feel a lot of fans and reviewers wont like the changes and claim its doesnt feel like GoW anymore. heck im certain at least one reviewer well compare it to TLoU and say its basically the same game or a rip off. 


Seems like I lowballed my metaprediction of 92! Currently 94 on MC, which is an important factor in my second prediction; 15million+ sales :D

Predicted 15+ million lifetime-sales for God of War:

Barkley said:

No... God of War is not going to sell better than Uncharted 4, which might just hit the 15m mark.

As for the metacritic, it's possible. Could be as low as 86, could be as high as 94.

I'd probably say 90 MC and 7.5m sales.

Currently 94 :D

Predicted 15+ million lifetime-sales for God of War:

3.1 million sales the first three days :O

Predicted 15+ million lifetime-sales for God of War:

Obama !

My prediction in 2021.

SW: 30m

PS5 16m

XBS: 7.5m