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Forums - Sales Discussion - Switch hits 10% market share! Let's celebrate!


How long until 15% is hit!?

1 month 4 10.26%
2 months 3 7.69%
3 months 9 23.08%
4 months 5 12.82%
5 months 5 12.82%
6 months 6 15.38%
7 months 1 2.56%
8 months 2 5.13%
February 29th 1 2.56%
Less then a month, over 8 months, or never. 3 7.69%
Hiku said:
Only 90% marketshare to go before total domination!

This is the Overly Demanding Dad Comment of the Day.

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Jumpin said:
Generations are an artificial concept when you try to include other products as the same generation.

PS4 is Sony’s 4th generation console, and Switch is Nintendo’s 7th (and their 5th generation handheld!).

But what’s relevant are the competing products. and Switch’s main competitors are (and will remain) PS4 and XBone.

Should be 8th. No reason not to count their 1st gen console the Nintendo Colour TV Game.