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This is the kind of evidence needed to prove that VGC's split between Europe and Rest of the World is wrong.

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jason1637 said:
zorg1000 said:
According to this site, France makes up about 20-25% of European totals for DS, Wii, 3DS & Wii U.

Applying that to Switch gives us about ~4 million in 2017.


Thats 12.2m but still need to factor in Canada, Latin America, Australia, etc.

Global sales should be over 13 million in 2017.

Switch had sold around 200k in Canada earlier this year.

Yep and that was before the holidays so it could be double that by now.

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tbone51 said:
jason1637 said:

Switch had sold around 200k in Canada earlier this year.

Itll be over 400k

Wouldn't they cound Canada alongside the other US States?


When Donald Trump was here, he said Canada is owned by the United States.

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Switch surpassing Wii U LT in most regions, only a matter of time before it's WW

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Finale said:
My friend always said that france is an open country when it comes to japanese culture.They are way more into it than america and for sure the UK.

US is big about japanese culture


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jason1637 said:
Switch is selling really well. I don't think it will fall off a cliff anytime soon.

Either the goalposts will be moved to 2019 or the Switch will be quarantined into its own market so that its haters won't have to compare it with other consoles.

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So Europe doing better than we thought, nice

tak13 said:

3DS 5.4m as of December 2017...
Nous sommes également le premier vendeur de consoles en France en cumulé avec la 3DS qui fait 507 000 unités. La 3DS continue de progresser en base installée. Elle a vendu quasiment 3 millions de jeux sur 2017. Elle a atteint un plateau extrêmement significatif.
Elle n'est donc pas cannibalisée par la Switch…
Ce n'est pas le cas. Ce n'est pas le même public, ce ne sont pas les mêmes jeux. Pokémon était disponible en 2017 sur 3DS uniquement. Nous avons 5,4 millions de 3DS en base installée en France. C'est la plus grande ludothèque disponible. À date, c'est le plus gros catalogue de jeux.

How did it sell 507k in the whole 2017, if it was at 4.765m as of March 2017, then that 507k might be 607k and pertains to Apr-Dec not whole 2017.



Numbers are as of 2016 tbonator, correct it!


The 507k is either a typo, or sales of 3ds after switch release ( not improbable given the title of the paragraph - switch didn't overshadowed 3ds - .

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