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I'd like better information about my submissions. Specifically adding trophies under the extra section.

Something along the lines of "" "Passionate Listener" was accepted.
If you change the rows to have a row id for each table then you could directly link them to that specific item.

Which one was approved, Queued, rejected. Perhaps by "title" or "description" since those are on all the trophies. Like "Passionate Listener"

Why was it rejected. It can be simple/generic as "missing a field" or "Typo" or "information wrong" all the way to being quite specific. With an inability to go back and look at your submissions it is hard to tell what you got wrong. So you may re-make that mistake in the future.

And who rejected it? This one is tied to the previous one. So I can ask them "what typo" or "what field was left empty" etc. I've had good discussions with people explaining why something is wrong, how to fix it etc. I find the DB people quite helpful.

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