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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Analyst: PS4 Will be Top Seller in the US in December

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Well I predict PS4 and Switch will be neck and neck, coin toss really. Those heavily discounted PS4s are already sold in Nov, so that will not impact Dec sales.

X1X has already had that rush of early adopters as well for the most part. I have a feeling MS will be dead last.

If I am right, I am becoming an analyst. Seeing someone like Pachter pull it off makes me feel like I am in the wrong work field.

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Pachter is about as right about the game industry as my mom. Maybe we can let her predict next month since we seem to be making prediction threads centered around anyone with a mouth.

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FloatingWaffles said:

lmao @ 'analyst' in the title instead of Pachter 


analysts are useless

Pachter comes to same conclusion most message board dwellers do... news at eleven.

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Amazon... biased towards Switch sales. What in the actual fuck?

You will be all disappointed when the results come out confirming pachters predictions. Other than Amazon, places like game etc are telling a different story. There appears to be an anomaly with switch and Amazon. He's right parents are going to pick up a $199 ps4 and Xbox One over a $300 switch. Common sense... I mean there was a reason why November turned out like it did. No brainer really.

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Kerotan said:


Pachter: PS4 Will be Top Seller in the US in December, Xbox One Close Behind


Interesting words from the analyst. Amazon seems to suggest and easy switch victory. Maybe that site is biased towards switch sales? 

Switch consoles are constantly in the top 20 on Amazon yet end up with lower than the competition in sales. I tried to mention this before as well. It seems to do very well at Amazon but it's a fraction of what Sony or Microsoft are doing elsewhere. B&M stores or other digital retailers.

LudicrousSpeed said:
Amazon... biased towards Switch sales. What in the actual fuck?

Well, it happened last month.  Nothing on Amazon even hinted at the Switch getting outsold 2:1 by the PS4.  In fact, when the NPD period ended, both of its SKUs were only a few spots down from the XBO, which was right behind the PS4.  Maybe the holidays are going to throw things off for the Switch.  Or maybe it was just for that one month.  We'll have to see.

I'm also expecting the ps4 to be first. But Switch at second, followed closely by Xbox One, as close as almost a tie.

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