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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Mods are %$@#ing stupid, I swear.

I enjoy mods that add modes or gameplay weapons for most games.

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This is not the thread I was looking for. I am disappoint.

Lmao went into this thread expecting the ban hammer.

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 I'm fine with mods. They are awesome. I think it's like money in the sense that it depends on the imagination of person if they'll enjoy it or not.


To be honest, I first thought this was your "fuck you all, I'm out" fair well thread. That's an ingenious title btw.

If you don't know where to get mods and how to install mods together in an appropriate build then of course you're going to have problems.

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the best mod which i ever played was third age for medieval II total war on pc it was very fine ;)

the-pi-guy said:

I agree OP.  Most of the time mods aren't worth it.  

Heck, the mods here aren't all that great.  Can't get any of them to work.  

I always get stuck on the install screen.  

How can you know that most mods "aren't worth it" and "aren't all that great" if you didn't even play them?

I dont like paying for subscriptions in games , do what I do with subscription services- dont worry about them/dont use them and move on.


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Skyrim mods made the game a lot better. Animals act better, women look hotter, water is more realistic, graphics are better, Glitches are fewer, etc. I can't play it without them.

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Came expecting someone perma-banned and a good laugh, I'm kinda disappointed... Well played OP