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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Square Enix happy for Switch’s success, system could get sequels to older IPs, more

Hey Jumpin/Wrydness

Not now because finals, but after Tuesday make a chrono thread and I will answer any questions about the lonkage of the 2 games with ties to Trigger when they apply if you up for the challenge.

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IkePoR said:
JRPGfan said:

Chrono series, already has a second game.... Chrono Cross.

Its time for that Chrono Break they had ideas about years and years ago, series needs a 3rd entry.

Chrono Cross was every bit as good as Chrono trigger imo.

Does Chrono Cross have similar gameplay and follow the story to Trigger?  I never played Cross but I knew it existed, just didn't think it was similar to it.

Yes. They are connected.

A lot of good SE games that I have missed before, so would be interested in picking a few up

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That bit about making sequels to older games is really interesting. Perhaps there could be ones for games like CT or SMRPG. I wonder what style that would go for too. That could be really exciting.... or really mediocre or disappointing. It'll be fun to see how these plans will come to fruition.



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Pinkie_pie said:
HoangNhatAnh said:

Agree, can wait to ẹnjoy Bravely Default/Bravely Second/Final Fantasy Explorers/Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Octopath Traveler on ps4

Cool. 4 3ds games and a switch game that looks like it could run on the 3ds that arent on the ps4. Ps4 has around 50 square enix games that arent on the switch or 3ds. Like i said, if you really want square enix games then get a ps4, therefore you dont have to worry if it isnt coming to the switch or not

You are right, I love The World End With You on ps4. As long as this game remain on ps4, I don't give a shit about other games 

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Damn it Square, stop this. Remember their E3 teaser a few years back? You know when they were teasing their announcements? And Frog's theme started playing about mid way though?

Seriously Square, my heart cannot take another trolling like serously might kill me...

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On the Squaresoft side. There are effectively three consoles I care about: SNES, PSX, and Gameboy. Add Final Fantasy X in, and that’s about every Squaresoft I really want.

As great as the FF7 remake might be, I’d still rather have a proper remastered version of the original composition. Although I do really want to play the upcoming remake a lot as well. It’s just, if I could only have one or the other, it would be the original.

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