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Like twins.

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NoCtiS_NoX said:
Train wreck said:
Is the MHW bundle just limited for this past week or is it available until the games release? Pretty good for the top two, seems its going to be that way going forward until new hardware is announced.

Very limited. All the MHW pro according to some user in resetera are for reservations only. 
Hopefully we will see a MHW slim bundle it will very stupid for Sony not to do it.  

Yeah, definitely a chance for Sony to expand its user base beyond the projected >PS3 sales.  Actually in lieu of a price cut, they are better off just bundling the game with the PS4, win-win for everyone.

Nice boost for PS4, disappointment for Switch that because stock problems its still under 200k, but Nintendo Japan yesterday did said they will ship much more units in Japan in December, so I definitely expecting from next week at least 200k+.

Xeno555 said:
Xenoblade 2 is almost out of stock. Apparently they only sent about 130k first shipment.

However with the 2nd shipment+digital, I'm not worried about its sales.

Isnt it normal to send extra units for the second week?Do you have a source?

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Great sales for Sony pretty good for Nintendo Switch could have sold more. All in all Good week for gaming.

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Eh, Switch is ok, but should be doing 300k+ by now.

Bet with Teeqoz for 2 weeks of avatar and sig control that Super Mario Odyssey would ship more than 7m on its first 2 months. The game shipped 9.07m, so I won

Next week sales for the PS4 will be interesting that will be the determining factor if it will be up or down YTD for Media-Create. It's possible it will be on 50k-60K range for the PS4 next week.

Week 49 2016 - 92,717
week 49 2017 - 85,687

Week 50 2015- 38,497
Week 50 2016- 79,348
Week 50 2017- ???

week 51 2015- 53,123 
Week 51 2016- 100,238 
Week 51 2017 -???

Week 52 2015 - 53,023 
Week 52 2016 - 83,337 
Week 52 2017 -???

2017 YTD = 1,611,883
2016 YTD = 1,536,663
Difference = 75,220

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LipeJJ said:
Eh, Switch is ok, but should be doing 300k+ by now.

Oh cmon bro.....










Should be doing 500k+

takoyaki7 said:

Like twins.

More like an older brother who realized that his younger brother is catching up, so he sped his own pace up :P



I've been waiting for a 200k Switch week.
Hopefully next time as Nintendo promised to ship more units this month.

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