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Volterra_90 said:
Lawlight said:

This is not true - TFA was loved by fans despite being an average movie. TLJ is being disliked even by fans.

Yeah, because TFA played pretty safe. I really loved it, but it was pretty much a modernized Episode IV to introduce new characters to the franchise. Which I think was a great idea, the franchise NEEDED a look into the past again. But this movie shakes up the SW universe and it's tonally different to the previous movies, and SW fandom doesn't welcome changes as much as they say they do xD.

When the tone shifts so far in a comedic direction that it resembles a live action version of Family Guy Blue Harvest or Robot Chicken more than it does a canon Star Wars film, then yeah, I don't welcome that sort of change.  There are plenty of parodies out there for a good laugh with the Star Wars universe already.  I don't need said universe to begin parodying itself.  I found it hard to enjoy the first 1/3 of The Last Jedi for this reason.

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Last Jedis domestic take is dropping quick. The force awakens 17th day is about equal to the last Jedi's 4th day. Post initial weekend it's getting trashed by TFA and is barely ahead of rogue one

I hope it continues dropping like a rock get rian Johnson as far away from Star Wars as possible.

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Man the Last Jedi was excellent. It was really good. I've been reading the complaints and I see where a lot of them coming from, Hamil himself said that it felt Out of character for Luke to just give up.

Me? I'd like to believe that Luke learned a valuable lesson about Life. And that is No matter who you are, when it needs to / does Life will just cock over and sh*t on you and everything you love. It will make you take a hard look at yourself and ask those uncomfortable questions. It will sh*t on you. In the case of Luke, dude thought he was the sh*t...thought he was better than the darkside. And that night where his actions created Kylo Ren, it was then and there he began to question a lot of what he thought was right. He began to question himself and his Jedi way. He went to the temple to learn what the original intent of the jedi was. Their history and origins and he couldn't even bring himself to read the texts. Because at some point over the course of his journey he realized the magnitude of his failure. His reflection brought him to the conclusion that he didn't just fail.

He failed epically and potentially from the start of his journey. Because the Jedi ways he was taught by Yoda and Obi-Wan, were the same ways that saw the republic split in two and was the basis of the Clone Wars, the corruption of the Republic and by extension the Jedi themselves. Palpatine just took advantage of an already decaying situation. And Luke realized that, how much they failed. How much they lost as a result. He's thinking him intervening now without that strength of faith in the Jedi he had during the OT, would just make things worst.

In this regard Rey's ignorance makes her a perfect person to rebuild the order. She has no knowledge of lineage and history. She has no special destiny to live up to. She just has her texts and how she interprets them. A clean set of eyes.

I like to think Skywalkers are prone to falling to the darkside because they know too much about the force. They are intimately and intrinsically connected to the Force. They start doing evil things with altruistic reasons, because they can see so much more than the rest of the Galaxy.

Anakin thought the way to end the Clone Wars and bring peace to the Galaxy was to use his abilities to conquer it, whether in his name or the Empire's.

Luke thought that he was above the Dark side, that he was a proper Jedi that couldn't be seduced. Only he let Fear dictate his actions and as a result pushed Ben into becoming Kylo Ren.

Ben thought that his lineage's power would be enough for him to fulfill Vader's legacy. And in a way he has. The First Order is the largest and most powerful establishment in the Galaxy and Ren just became it's leader.

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Lucas-Rio said:
The prequels were so much better than the Last Jedi, they brought tons of new stuff despite being prequel. The world building was great.

The last Jedi gave us nothing except a tiny island with nothing and a casino.

It also brought us that people can fly in the space because of the force.

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