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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sakura and a bunch of new characters revealed for Street Fighter V

Season 6 character reveal trailer:

Coming in Season 3.

Sakura is looking good! And Falke looks interesting. Fan favorites Sagat and Cody will probably make a lot of people happy.
(No one asked for you Blanka =p)
And G? I wonder if he's related to Q.

I think Capcom did the right thing revealing them all right away this time, instead of having them leak usually.

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Well, let the speculation begin!! I wonder who those 5 could be.

Nice, one of my fav characters from the series! I miss her sailor uniform, but she still looks cool. xD


Edit: Oh wait, it's right there...



Dance my pretties!

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VGPolyglot said:
Well, let the speculation begin!! I wonder who those 5 could be.

They were revealed in a second trailer right after. Posted pics of them above.
Will add the trailer as well soon.

Sakura, blanka and sagat weren't in the game already? Wth...

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All grown up :')

She has a new costume! Nice

Why df were Sakura and Sagat not in it already?

Awesome that they added Sakura ;D


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Thank goodness sakura finally gets a fresh coat of paint. These characters may be what I need to get me back into the game. Haven't played in over a year, now.